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The Secret to Glowing Skin

In a recent meeting at work, I looked around the conference room and realized how healthy and glowing everybody’s skin was. It struck me that working for a skincare company has its benefits.

But it isn’t just a skincare company. It’s an all-natural skincare company and one that has a secret weapon for achieving glowing skin. I’ve shared before that using Bend Soap Company all-natural goat milk soap and lotion will leave your skin clean and hydrated. But what I haven’t shared about is Bend Soap Company sugar or sea salt scrubs.

The scrubs are made with coconut oil, olive oil, and honey. Three ingredients that alone are hydrating stars, but together are the answer you need to winter-dry skin. The sugar or sea salt provides exfoliating power to slough off dead skin cells so the three powerhouse ingredients can get right in and do their job. There is an unscented scrub for those with sensitive skin or you can choose from several scents choices, Chai Tea being one of my favorites. It’s a seasonal scent and only available while supplies last. Almond Delight is another yummy scent for this time of year.

I even use the scrub on my face (though I caution against getting the salt in your eyes.) Here’s a (very flattering – wink, wink - I'm keeping it real, people!) picture of me after using my sugar scrub. It’s hard to capture the glow in a cell phone selfie, but trust me when I say my skin is downright luminous. And I’m clearly not alone, hence the conference room of healthy, glowing employees.

The scrubs are made with high quality essential oils or natural, organic scent. All of the ingredients are high quality and often organic. I know the quality, I’m the buyer.

With gift giving season approaching, this is an excellent time to browse the selection of all-natural scrubs. You won’t be sorry and neither will your gift recipient. My husband even uses the scrub to remove engine grease after working on his car, so don’t assume this is only a gift for the females in your life. I would appreciate if you use my affiliate link to do your shopping. And feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I love Bend Soap Company products. I think everyone should at least try them. I mean, look at my hair! I use the tea tree soap as shampoo. Only the soap. No conditioners needed. (Also, I have to at least include a picture where I look presentable, lol!) All of the products are awesome. I hope you give them a try.

Cheers to your future healthy, glowing skin!

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