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I write middle grade books because kids deserve an escape from their reality. Whether you escape into Day of Reckoning, where you'll discover an alternate, underground world and meet fantastical creatures and kids with special abilities. Visit a contemporary setting, as in Save the Lemmings, to learn how Natalie deals with bullying by classmates and the media. Or be transported into a fairy tale setting, as in The Weaver Tales, where the adorable-though pesky-gnome-elf, Unwanted, creates trouble for someone in each book. With these books you'll find yourself in another world where you're exposed to social skills, problem solving, and a range of emotions. All in the comfort of your own home (or school, park, or wherever you read.) Books are available in print, ebook, and some are available in audiobook. 

The Making of a Master


He has protected the city since he was twelve, but when mischief threatens to bring the city down around him will he be able to save them all?


As a Spirit of Security, Frank has been keeping the peace in Concord for four years. He loves the city and its beings as much as he loves his family. Signs that something is wrong with the infrastructure sends him on a desperate mission to discover the problem.


Tragedy strikes when a small collapse kills innocent beings making Frank anxious to uncover the cause. When his search reveals his sister is directly in the epicenter a frantic Frank jumps into action.


Can Frank get to his sister on time, or will his beloved city crash down upon them?


If you like fantastical creatures, a bit of mystery, and big-hearted main characters, you’ll love The Making of a Master a Concord Chronicles novella.


Buy The Making of a Master today for an edge of your seat read.

Day of Reckoning

ISBN-13: 978-1690603375

Discovering she's not an ordinary girl turned her world upside down. Can she awaken her powers, or will it spell her doom?


From ordinary girl to Nature's Spirit, Terra is overwhelmed by the prospect of being trained to protect an underworld city. Shock turns to terror as she learns the magic she still hasn’t unearthed puts her life under threat.


Frustrated and embarrassed by her latent abilities, Terra doesn't have time to waste on self-pity. A powerful enemy will stop at nothing to control her city, and she's the only one that can stop him.


Can Terra learn to wield her powers in time or will her relentless foe triumph?


If you like harrowing situations, rich fantasy worlds, and a smart main character, you’ll love Day of Reckoning, the first book in the Concord Chronicle series.


Buy Day of Reckoning and immerse yourself in a fantastical world today

Save the Lemmings

ISBN-13: 978-1976820243

Eighth grade inventor, Natalie Edwards, doesn’t mind that her classmates cringe at her inspirational sayings and monochromatic outfits. Her parent’s love and the support of her three best friends make it easy to ignore the eye rolls and head shakes. But after her invention, the Texty-Talky, goes nationwide, the media considers her the new “IT” girl and it changes everything at school, at home, and with her friends. Then a reporter prints a story about Natalie’s unfortunate graffiti incident and even her squeaky clean reputation is shattered. Natalie’s sunny disposition is stretched to the limits when reports surface of her stealing her invention from aliens. She’s desperate to regain control of her life before she loses everything to the media storm. Will she be able to disprove the lies being printed and stay true to who she really is? Or will the pressure prove too much?

Available in soft cover, ebook, and audiobook

The Weaver Tale Series

The Weaver

ISBN-13: 978-1616331221

In a town of word weavers, Mary suffers through her third year of Novice Word Weaving. Mary thinks her troubles are over when she meets a gnome-elf who grants her a wish. But instead of weaving a better story, she's weaving strange yarn charms to accompany her still pathetic tales.


Available in Audiobook

The Wishing Well

ISBN-13: 978-1616333027

Molly Minstrel is treated worse than Cinderella by her mom and sisters. When Molly meets the magical creature, Unwanted, she wishes her problems away. However, you must first understand what you need before knowing what to ask for. Molly will have to look within for the solution to her troubles.

Wishing Well Audio.png

Available in Audiobook

The Lumpy Duckling

ISBN-13: 978-1616335496

Lumpy may be hefty with a misshapen mouth, but he's funny and the most loyal friend Wheezy could ask for. When she meets Unwanted, she casts a wish for people to be able to see her best friend like she does. Her wish nearly kills him.

Lumpy Duckling Audio.png

Available in Audiobook

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