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Legends from Mom's Closet by Sasha Olsen

You are not going to want to miss this interview. We have a very special guest today! Let me introduce you to Sasha Olsen the author of Legends from Mom’s Closet. Why is Sasha so unique? Well, Sasha, why don’t you answer that?

My name is Sasha Olsen. I’m 10 years old, turning 11 soon! I have many hobbies, like ballroom dancing and piano. I’m also super creative, so I always try to make new inventions from the items that surround me. Reading and drawing are two of my favorite things to do! Especially, when I do them with my little sister Mia, who is three years old. Last summer, I also started my movement, Iwantmyoceanback, to help save the oceans. My friends and I visit the beaches a lot to help keep them clean. I also love spending quality time with my family, it’s really important to me!

Kai: Wow, you are already so accomplished at such a young age. What an inspiration you are. Please, tell us about your book.

Legends from Mom’s Closet documents my summer, where I spent most of my time indoors because of stormy weather. Since I was stuck inside, it led me to read and learn about legendary people through books and research. I came upon some incredible women and wanted to find out more about these legends’ lives. It made me feel very inspired! I turned my inspiration into art and started looking in my mom’s closet for vintage pieces to dress up as the legends I learned about. Sometimes I faced little troubles, but I quickly overcame them in a mission to spend a day in a legend’s shoes and document it. Through this diary, readers should also learn the importance of vintage clothing and the need to prevent fast fashion. Legends from Mom’s Closet is abundant with colorful photos and illustrations for other kids to truly get a feel of my imagination. I even share little fun facts and a how-to for each icon. Experience the creativity a kid encounters when exploring what’s right around them and let it inspire you too!

Kai: You can pick up a copy of Sasha’s book here:

What inspired you to write Legends from Mom's Closet?

I was inspired by the need to stop fast fashion and to show other kids that they can be creative using what’s around them! We don’t have to spend all day on our devices because there is so much to learn around us. By dressing up as these legends, I felt like I understood their lives better. My love for the environment and my curiosity led me into my mom’s closet, and I hope it does the same for other kids!

Kai: Okay, Sasha. Let’s have a little fun while also helping our readers get to know you better. Please share you top three responses to the following:

Top 3 foods to snack on while writing

Apples, yogurt, and chips

Top 3 words you hope people use when describing you

Creative, inspiring, and intelligent

Top 3 pieces of advice for kids today

Believe in yourself, try something new, and don’t be afraid

Kai: Excellent advice! Thank you for visiting with us today. I’m so excited to be able to introduce you and your book to more readers. Where can they connect with you and learn more about your book?

Readers can connect with me on my Instagram, Facebook page, YouTube and website! My Instagram is where I post a lot of the new legends that I’ve met, so that’s the best way to join me. You can also purchase my book, Legends from Mom’s Closet, on my website.

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