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The Visitor from 4-D by Deborah Hunt

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Thanks for dropping in. Today we are joined by children’s author, Deborah Hunt. She is here to share her book, The Visitor from 4-D, with us.

First, let’s learn a little about Deborah.

Deborah Hunt is a doctorally prepared nursing professor/executive director who lives in New York with her family and the incorrigible Chewy Belle. Deborah has published multiple nursing articles, three nursing textbooks, several short stories for children, two picture books, a chapter book, an activity book, and a self-care book that she wrote with her daughter. This book also has contributions from her sons and future daughter-in-law. Writing this book that won the Gold Award from Literary Titan with her family was one of the highlights of her career. Deborah’s middle-grade book “The Visitor from 4-D” was released this December 2019 and received the Gold Award from Literary Titan. Her debut picture book “Same Inside Different Outside” won first place in the 2017 Royal Dragonfly Awards and her debut chapter book “The One Eyed Pug” won an Honorable Mention and both of these books received the Silver Award from Literary Titan. Deborah writes every day and loves attending book events to share her books, journey as a writer, and passion for writing. She also loves the beach, painting, and hiking and dreams of someday owning a farm that has lots of puppies.

Deborah is thrilled that her picture book “Booch the Pooch” that was inspired by someone who is very special to her will be published by Hurn Publications in 2022, and her other picture book “No Dinosaurs Allowed” will be published

by Hurn publishers in July of 2021. Her middle grade book “Hannah and the Hobgoblins” will be published by Waldorf Publishers in 2021. Waldorf Publishers

will also be publishing her picture book biography “Dale Earnhardt: Destined to Race that she co-authored with Scott Murphy in 2021.

Kai: I love that your work spans the ages. It makes it easy for parents to find a good author-fit for their family. Can you tell us about your book?

“The Visitor from 4-D” is a middle grade science fiction book. The Keating kids are shocked and intrigued when a tiny visitor suddenly appears during a lightning storm. Once they realize the visitor is friendly and needs their help to return to his dimension they do everything in their power to help him. As time is running out they enlist the help of others, but someone is working against them and not with them. Will they be able to help their traveler return to his own dimension or will he be stuck in this dimension forever?

Links to purchase:

Kai: Science Fiction is a great fit for this age ground. What inspired you to write The Visitor from 4-D?

I have always been intrigued by time travel and the dimensions. I started writing this book several years ago and wrote a good part of it while vacationing out on Montauk,

New York. There have been many stories of time travel from the now closed military base at Camp Hero and so it was the perfect location to include in this story. There are

subtle lessons about our environment in this book and I hope to inspire kids to learn more about theories and facts related to space and time and time travel and the dimensions.

Kai: Fantastic. Now I want to explore that closed military base! Okay, are you ready for a little fun? We want readers to get to know the author behind the book. Please share with us your top three responses to the following:

Top 3 places you like to write

I love to write out on Montauk. I formulate many of my ideas while walking along the beautiful surf. I do my actual writing in my “makeshift office” in my living room. I tend

to focus better when I am in the midst of controlled chaos. I also have a small office in my home where I sometimes write.

Kai: I write better with things going on around me as well.

Top 3 moments in your writer life

The top 3 moments in my writer’s life were when I received my first short story acceptance and the next when my first book was published “The One Eyed Pug” and I was able to hold my book in my hands, and the next was my first book signing which

was certainly thrilling.

Kai: All three are such wonderful experiences for an author!

Top 3 pieces of advice for new writers

My three pieces of advice for new writers is to believe in yourself and your story but

be open to constructive criticism. Before you submit your manuscripts you must do several things. First and foremost polish your manuscript and edit, edit, edit. You should

also join a critique/support group where you can share your work. There are also some places where you can have your work critiqued for a nominal fee. You must

also do your homework and create a list of potential agents and publishers and tailor your query letter and manuscript to their guidelines.

Kai: Excellent advice. Especially, “…believe in yourself and your story…” That becomes more and more difficult the further away you get from creation, but is absolutely crucial.

Deborah, thank you so much for joining us today! It was a pleasure to learn about you and The Visitor from 4-D. Where can our readers find more about you and all of your books?

Readers can connect with me on any of my social media sites and website

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