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The Making of a Master is Almost Here!

We are inching closer to the release date for my novella prequel, THE MAKING OF A MASTER. First, let me share a little about the series this new book belongs too.

I released Day of Reckoning last year. Book 1 in the Concord Chronicles series, Day of Reckoning is about Terra, a quiet, twelve-year-old girl who learns she’s a Natures Spirit named in a prophecy as the only one who can thwart the leader of the death tribe in his bid to take over the peaceful Underworld city of Concord.

I loved telling Terra's story. Concord is filled with fantastical creatures with unique needs and Terra had to navigate through the new-to-her world while living with the threat of death from a being called a Trepidus.

Though all Natures Spirits are tasked with keeping the peace in the Underworld, the Spirits of Security are assigned to keeping things safe. Spirit of Security, Frank, was assigned to Terra to protect her during her training. Frank is caring, attentive, and considerate. He turns out to be the devoted friend Terra had been hoping for. I loved writing Frank. So much so, that after I released Day of Reckoning, I decided I had to tell Frank's story. That is when THE MAKING OF A MASTER was born.

I thought it was important for readers to know how he gained the title of Master Frank at such a young age. And I’m so glad I did. Frank is still a favorite of mine among my characters. I might just love him more now that I’ve written his story. I sure hope you feel the same after you read THE MAKING OF A MASTER, a Concord Chronicles novella. It is set a couple of years before Terra’s story. Frank is just sixteen years old. And we get to spend some time with his partner, Anna. Those of you who have read Day of Reckoning will understand how special that is.

Have you seen the amazing cover? Take a gander:

Are you interested in reviewing THE MAKING OF A MASTER? Can you commit to posting your review during the second half of January? Then I'd LOVE for you to request your e-arc below. The link is only good for a limited time, so don’t hesitate.

Remember, electronic advanced reader copies (e-arcs) are early versions of the book and will likely contain mistakes. The final version of the book may include changes, but the majority of the story will likely stay the same. E-arcs cannot be shared or sold. Please respect the author's rights. If you have any questions about e-arcs, please drop me an email.

Happy reading!

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