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It isn't Snake Oil - Have You Tried CBD?

Today, I want to introduce you to a new company whose products I’ve grown to respect. I admit, at first, I was both skeptical and hesitant to try CBD products, but this company has a great story. They are a local company, so I’ve been able to hear their story, meet their employees, and literally watch the products be made, jarred, labeled, and sold. I’ve actually walked among some of their very own hemp plants, I’ve heard testimony after testimony of how well the products helped their customers.

And then my husband cracked a couple of ribs.

But before I get into our personal experiences, let me give you a little more information for those of you not familiar with CBD, or for those who still think it’ll make you high. I get it. I do.

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is an organic compound found in hemp. Though hemp is a relative of the cannabis plant, it has very low amounts of THC, the compound that makes people feel high. The CBD extracted from hemp provides health benefits without the high. It’s not a strange new ‘drug’or a ‘snake oil’ with magical healing properties.

Cannabinoid (CBD for short) is unique to the hemp plant, but it’s in a class of common compounds produced by all plants, called terpenes, which give plants their aroma, flavor, and color. Terpenes connect to cellular receptors throughout your body, achieving different effects. They are used as neurotransmitters, sending signals from one part of your body to another. One of the things that makes CBD unique is the fact that it connects with over 65 different receptors in your body, which is very high. As a result, CBD impacts many different body systems and functions, from sleep, to pain, to mood. This is why CBD offers so many treatment options. when CBD is combined with particular terpenes found in other essential oils, its benefits are enhanced. Mission Farms CBD, went a step further by combining their full-spectrum CBD distillate that contains the natural terpenes, flavanoids, and cannabinoids of the hemp plant with additional terpenes from high quality essential oils.

Their REST CBD line combines CBD with essential oils that contain terpenes known for their sedating effects.

The RELAX CBD line combines CBD with essential oils that contain terpenes known for anti-anxiety effects.

And their RELIEVE CBD line combines CBD with essential oils that contain terpenes known for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

For more information on how CBD works and how Mission Farms CBD has developed oils, creams, and gels with targeted impacts, visit

Now back to my husband’s cracked ribs. Even after all the evidence pointing to CBD being effective, helpful, and NOT harmful, I remained hesitant. Until my husband winced and hissed everytime he moved. I couldn’t watch him suffer when I had access to the product that people were raving about. So, I got my hands on the Mission Farms CBD Roll-On and handed it to my husband. He was astounded by its effectiveness. It worked immediately after application to relieve his pain. Plus, it lasted for hours. Then, I remembered I’d received a sample of their Relieve Cream, so I handed that over to him – because now I was curious – and he thought that worked even better. I now use the Rest Cream as a night cream on my face and love the consistency. I believe it helps me sleep more soundly and the goat milk cream is great for my skin! (You know I love my goat milk skincare products.)

I haven’t tried the oils or the gels, but I’ve heard and read great results. Spend some time on their website reading reviews if you need more information.

The two things I love the most about this company and its products are:

1. I know their CBD isn’t tainted with fillers – which is why it’s effective – and their ingredients are high quality.

2. That they’re into the science behind the product. They’ve done the research on how CDB works with our endocannibinoid system and they’ve developed products that work.

The best news for you is that this weekend Mission Farms CBD is having their Black Friday sale. You can try their products at 30% off!!! If you’ve wanted to try CBD, or if you haven’t found a CBD product that does what you want, I highly recommend you try Mission Farms CBD.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion = 30% off sitewide, on any orders $40+. Use coupon code HOLIDAY. Valid Wednesday, November 27th through Monday, December 2nd.

And I’d appreciate if you use my affiliate link:

Have you used CBD products? Be sure to circle back around and let me know how you like your Mission Farms products.

Happy shopping.

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