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Interview with Fantasy Middle Grade Author, N.A. Davenport

Today we are joined by the prolific middle grade author, NA Davenport. She is here to talk about her different series. My guess is you’ll be able to find something to satisfying the voracious young reader in your life.

NA, let’s start by you telling us a little about you.

I’m a mom, a military spouse, and the personal property of a snobby black cat and a lazy border collie.

I’ve always loved a good story. Even before I could read or write, I preferred TV shows that had good conflict rather than the typical kid shows about bright colors, music, and happy feelings. So, I try to provide for my readers the kinds of stories I always enjoyed.

Kai: I always feel it makes for a better story when an author writes from the heart like that instead of trying to write to fit current trends. Tell us more about your work.

I have several books out so far. My first series is Werewolf Max, about a kid who gets bit by a werewolf and learns that his town is under threat by hordes of zombies. He has to join a pack of werewolves to help fight off the zombies, but all the while he himself is a threat to the people he loves, because he’s a werewolf. The first book/prequel to the series is available for free on my website.

My second series is Fairies of Titania. I only have one book out in this series so far. It’s a new release, just came out in May. The story is about a girl who goes on a quest in fairyland to find a cure for her ill father. While there, she discovers many fantastic things and gets swept up into a conflict that threatens all fairy-kind. In the end, she has to make some tough decisions and risk everything she loves to do the right thing.

My third series, still in progress, is called Dragon Riders of Avria. I plan on this being a very long series, because I’ve always loved the idea of forming bonds of friendship with fire-breathing magical beasts who can fly. Especially when you’re battling hordes of ruthless enemies to defend your homeland. The first story is in revision, the second is partly finished, and I have outlines for at least seven more novels in this series. I am SO excited to get these books out I can hardly stand it!

So, if you like the Riders of Berk movies, or Eragon, or the Dragonriders of Pern, you can sign up on my website to be the first to know when the first book in my Avria series comes out! Get Notified

Kai: I love dragon books! I’ve written some short stories featuring dragons but have yet to delve into an entire novel. I’m excited for you. What inspires you?

It’s hard to say exactly where my inspiration comes from. For Werewolf Max, I was writing the books for my (then) ten-year-old son. So, I tried to think of the most exciting adventure I could imagine. Something that would keep a reluctant reader’s attention.

For the Fairies of Titania series, I asked my oldest daughter what she would most like to read about, and she said a book about fairies. So that was the starting point there.

For my dragon rider series, it’s pure personal satisfaction. I love dragons. So, spending countless hours, living in that world, while I write the books doesn’t feel like work at all.

But inspiration for stories is a lot more than the world these stories occupy. There are characters to create, conflict to construct, obstacles to place, themes to establish, resolutions to set up. And where do all these come from? I suppose the story elves whisper them in my ear while I sleep, because I can go hours or days not knowing how to solve these plot problems, then the answers just come to me out of the blue like magic.

Kai: Well stated! Inspiration isn’t a straight path at all. Okay, let’s switch gears and have a little fun. I would like for our readers to get to know the author behind the stories. Give us your top three responses to the following:

Top 3 foods to snack on while writing

I almost always have a mug of hot earl grey tea with cream at my side while I write. Along with this, I sometimes have a plate of sliced cheese, green olives, and sweet pickles.

Top 3 moments in your writer life

The first moment I knew I could make it as an author was when I finished a 120-thousand-word story, and strangers liked it enough to read it through and beg for more.

The second moment would be when a literary agent contacted me wanting to pitch my books to big 5 publishers, because his daughter had read them and loved them so much.

The third moment, and perhaps my favorite, is when one of my childhood author idols, Piers Anthony, (if you don’t know who he is, he’s a fantasy author with more than 50 books in the NYT bestseller list) read my books and sent me a review saying he enjoyed them and would recommend them to kids.

Top 3 favorite places

My first favorite place is Disneyland. Yeah, it might seem predictable or cliche or childish, but I don’t care. One of my fondest childhood memories is going there with my mother when I turned eleven. It’s been my favorite place ever since.

My second favorite place is the woods of western Washington state, where I grew up. Any woods there, really. Preferably, if I don’t have to hike or camp to get there. I used to love going to local parks and walking along the trails, enjoying the smell of the trees and the crunch of pine needles under my feet, watching sunlight pierce through the canopy in golden beams.

Kai: Nothing wrong with Disneyland! You won't get find any haters here. Finally, where can readers connect with you?

My website is I’m most active in my Facebook page And on Instagram

Thanks for visiting today and sharing your books with us!

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