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Day of Reckoning Blog Tour

I love virtual book tours. It has been far too long since I had a book on tour, but today changes that.

Day of Reckoning, courtesy of Mc Book Tours, is on tour this week! I'll be visiting book blogs across the internet to talk about Day of Reckoning, my writing process, and maybe I'll even throw is a few personal facts. Plus, there are giveaways. But you can only win if you participate. And, of course, the more you participate, the better your chances.

I hope you will visit the bloggers who are generous enough to share their space with me. Leave a comment to show your support and share the link to their posts to help drive traffic to their site. The more eyes who see this, the better for my book and the bloggers who are supporting my work.

Monday through Friday - that's all we ask. You can find the full schedule on Mc Book Tours website.

Thanks for your support! See you around the web.

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