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Author Interview with Erin and Deek Rhew, Pandemic Edition

We are all impacted by the pandemic. So many people have lost or temporarily gone without work, putting a major constraint on their livelihoods. Some of you have battled COVID-19 or lost someone to the illness. I’m truly, truly sorry. If there is one thing I know, it’s that everybody has a story. And when we share an event, like a pandemic, it’s often extra insightful to hear each other’s stories. Recently, I reached out to invite my fellow creatives to share a peek into their pandemic story.

Today we are being visited by a very fun couple. They are both authors. Erin recently visited Strands of Thought, and today she's back with her hunky hubby, Deek.

Welcome guys! Please start by introducing yourselves.

Hi, Kai and readers! Thanks for having us on the blog.

We are Deek and Erin Rhew, married authors who are living their dream on a warm Southern beach.

Erin is the managing editor at a small press, and she’s the author of four young adult fantasy and sci-fi novels: The Prophecy, The Outlanders, The Fulfillment, and The Transhuman Project.

For his day job, Deek slings code. But after he clocks out, he’s hard at work writing a variety of novels from thrillers to satirical wife’s revenge stories to sci-fi. He is the author of four novels, with a fifth due out in September: Birth of an American Gigolo, 122 Rules, 122 Rules Redemption, The Extractor: Rise of Osiris—and coming in September 2020, The Injector: Escape from Torpor.

Okay guys, be honest - have you gained weight or become exercise monsters?

We were gym rats before the pandemic, so it’s been a little bit of an adjustment to workout at home. But we’re really getting it wrangled.

Deek bought this amazing tension band set that can mimic full weightlifting, and he does a lot of weight training with a backpack full of a bunch of jugs of water. He gets an amazing workout with those two options.

Erin got the brilliant idea to get a foldable desk and foldable bike. She slides the desk over the bike and rides for hours while writing and editing. And when her workout is complete, she folds them and puts them both away, so you’d never even know they were there.

We also like to paddle board and go for 10+ mile walks.

Holy cow, that all sounds intense, but very inspiring. Clearly, all of that activity makes you hungry. Do you have a favorite pandemic meal?

For the things we make at home, Erin has really been on a chili kick. There is something about the comfort food at a time like this.

But we also believe in supporting our local businesses, especially now, and we really love this keto pizza from a local pizza place.

We could probably live off chili and local keto pizza. LOL!

My husband and I started ordering-in once a week to support local restaurants. Before the pandemic we rarely ate out, so it’s been a real treat for me ;) What do you miss the most while so much of the world is closed or partially open?


We love, love, love to travel. Plus, we have family on both ends of the country, so that affords us the chance to have epic road trips.

Sadly, we had some really amazing trips planned this year that all got cancelled. We’re ready to road trip and adventure, but alas...

Hopefully you will get an opportunity next year. Favorite binged series – television and/or book – during the pandemic?

Absolutely Schitt’$ Creek. OMG, we just laugh and laugh and laugh. We cannot get enough of Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis.

“Oh my God, Day-vid.”

If you haven’t watched this show, we highly recommend it!

Which title of yours do you recommend for readers stuck at home and why?

Deek would recommend The Extractor: Rise of Osiris. This is the first in a series of sci-fi thrillers where a virtual reality company starts adding touch, smell, taste, memories, and feelings to their video games. All of these are real sensations that have been extracted...from the dead. The second book comes out in September with the next one (a two-volume set) in the winter. There are a lot more to come in the series, so no matter how long the pandemic lasts, there will be sci-fi goodness to help pass the time.

Erin would recommend The Fulfillment Series (The Prophecy, The Outlanders, and The Fulfillment). This series affords readers the opportunity to travel to a completely different world (where COVID doesn’t exist). Plus, it’s a full, complete trilogy, so there are no loose ends left undone.

Excellent! Nothing like a series (or two) to fill your shelter-in-place time! Before you leave, please share with our readers where they can learn more about you and your work.

Deek Rhew

Erin Rhew

Thanks for stopping in today Mr. and Mrs. Rhew! Stay safe!

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