Award winning Kai Strand, author of The Super Villain Academy series, is often found exploring hiking trails and snapping pictures of waterfalls in her Oregon hometown. Mother of four, Kai uses her life experiences to connect with young readers. With middle grade works such as Save the Lemmings, and The Weaver Tale series, and emotional YA adventures like Finding Thor, and Worth the Effort, Kai has written compelling stories that tweens and teens love.

Kai has given numerous presentations throughout Oregon about her work and the writing process. She loves interacting with teens and gaining their insight on their latest reads as well as what they would like to see in future stories. 

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I Am Me a Young Adult Contemporary Novel

Despite—or perhaps because of—her fancy car, private school education, and life of privilege, Lola Renaldi has become a volunteer junkie. Feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, visiting the elderly—if it’s a good cause, she’s done it.

Lola’s favorite stint, building affordable houses, puts her directly in the path of Rodney. He refuses to discuss why he’s doing community service, but it’s clear he’s hiding something dark about his past. As their friendship grows, Lola begins to question the true reasons for her obsessive volunteerism and her view of those she has pledged to help.

She is only beginning to understand how lucky she truly is when her life falls apart. After losing friends, her boyfriend, even Rodney, Lola finally recognizes which parts of her life she wants to hang on to and what specifically she wants to go after. But with all she’s been through, will she be able to hang onto who she wants to be? Or will she lose all that defines her?    Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Audible

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Narrated by: BARBARA RICH

Barbara Rich of Richcraft Studios has lent her voice all over the world for big names like Toyota, KFC, Udemy and Pfizer and for public agencies like the US Office of Consumer Protection, but her true love is story telling via audiobooks.  In the past year, she has completed 14 audiobooks with another in the pipeline and is eager to see what 2019 brings!

Barb is a professionally-trained voiceover actor whose past lives in environmental science, computer software, music and theater enable her to deliver high-quality audio from her dedicated solar-powered studio. As a recovering project manager, Barb can express your copy effectively, efficiently and with eloquence.

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