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I AM ME Young adult, contemporary

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When giving back to others isn’t enough, can one teen discover what’s truly important in life?

Lola Renaldi leans heavily into service for the struggling. Padded by privilege, the high school senior defies her mom’s push to study law and marry well in favor of chasing her volunteering obsession. And during her favorite gig building affordable homes, she’s happy to befriend a mysterious boy… until he scorns her supposedly naïve, privileged mindset.

As doubt chips away at her confidence, the big-hearted girl worries her perfect plans for the future are quickly unraveling. And with new boyfriend troubles, a bestie spiraling into a meltdown, and an unexpected loss, she fears she’s not the person she always wanted to be.

Can Lola uncover the missing piece she needs to feel completely whole?

I Am Me is an emotional contemporary YA fiction book. If you like well-meaning heroines, transformative personal growth, and true-to-life situations, then you’ll love Kai Strand’s coming-of-age novel.

Buy I Am Me to define dreams and hopes today!

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