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An Unwitting Trickster

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When his mundane life is upended, a Trickster discovers a long-forgotten past. Will he survive long enough to claim his hereditary throne?

Luke doesn’t know why he pulls pranks. And when a long-lost brother shows up to reveal Luke’s a god meant to rule a planet, he starts to wonder who he truly is. But his desperate search for answers is fraught with dead ends and only unearths more questions.

Stuck between his mundane past and a hopeful future, Luke is forced into hiding when interplanetary soldiers attack. The isolation from his newfound family intensifies his anxiety. His unexpected future is in limbo and any quest for answers could prove deadly.

Luke is meant to rule a planet, but can he claim the throne before he’s killed?

An Unwitting Trickster is a thrilling modern day YA mythology. If you like your main characters with a little snark, if you enjoy adventure and plot twists, then you’ll love the first book in Kai Strand’s newest series.

Buy An Unwitting Trickster to follow the journey today!

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