Winston Versus the Snow by Savannah Hendricks

Hey everyone. Today I'm thrilled to host multi-talented, multi-published, girl on fire, Savannah Hendricks. I know Savannah as a kind and generous author. She donated her time and knowledge to my classroom last year when I was teaching a writing class at a local middle school. We Skyped with her and then she also donated an adorable short story to our fundraiser anthology, Realms Reads: The Worst Last Day Ever. AMAZING! She has a wide range of publications from women's fiction to short stories, to her very latest picture book, Winston Versus the Snow. She's here today to talk about Winston's journey to publication. If you are currently working toward a goal--read on--what Savannah has to say is inspiring. Take it away Savannah.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog. To say I’m excited to talk about my newest picture book, Winston Versus the Snow is an understatement.
I worked on Winston’s story for a few years, and it’d been through a nice round of revisions and edits and was almost picked up a few times. When I submitted it to Brother Mockingbird Publishing, they were starting up and not in the position to take it on but had mentioned to re-send if not picked up at a later time. I continued to send it out, without any success, so when about a year went by, I reached back out to Brother Mockingbird and submitted it again. And, I signed the contract in less than a week. 
The story of Winston had come to me when I was at one of many assessments for my day job. Of course, it was slightly different since I live in Arizona, not really the land of snow. I see plenty of children on the spectrum, and they have a few things in common, sensory issues. Now they are not always the same, some don’t like tags on clothing, some refuse to eat anything other than chicken nuggets from specific fast-food chains, and some can’t stand to wear socks. I also see many dogs trained to assist special-needs children and together the idea started to form. About five manuscript drafts later, Winston was created. 
I had a pretty straight forward vision for the illustrations, and luckily, I was able to offer up what I thought would work well for Ms. Todorova to put forth in the pages. The publisher did such an amazing job finding Ms. Todorova, and I’m beyond blessed to have such a beautiful picture book come from it. I think a lot of authors wonder and maybe worry about who the illustrator is going to be and if they will like the results. I know I was concerned, but the illustrations were beyond my expectations. 
I hope children love the story of Winston Versus the Snow as much as I loved creating the story.

Thanks again for visiting, Savannah. For more from Savannah, visit her blog


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