Visiting an Old Friend – Who You Don’t Like Anymore

First and foremost, happy 91st birthday to my dad. I love you so much, Dad!
Back in 2012 Muse It Up Publishing published my middle grade novel, Beware of the White. They are an ebook publisher out of Canada. A great publisher to work with, but my book never did much of anything there. I suspect middle grade isn’t really a good audience for ebook only (unless you already have a great following, which wasn’t and still isn’t me J ) I asked for my rights back (ages ago, really) with the intention of republishing.

Guess what? Though I’m not really ready to do that yet, I’m finally a heck of a lot closer than I was.

I just finished revising it, I’m considering a new title, I’ve reached out to a cover artist (fingers crossed), I’m talking to a narrator about an audiobook, AND…I’m writing the prequel novella, which I hope to release at the same time. Whaaa…?

That’s right. A prequel novella titled, The Making of a Master (Frank’s story). I always wanted this to be a series. I started both the novella AND book two in the series way back when. So, I pulled the novella out to get working on it again and…Oh. My. Ick!

First of all, it has been six years since I last touched the novella. Dang how time flies. Second, I was very disappointed in how much I’d completed when I originally started writing it. Like, basically nothing. Third, I’m super happy to say my writing has really, really improved. Markedly.

I totally understand that what I dusted off was a first draft. But my voice is so much more direct and active now. Even my first draft voice. I’m encouraged by that because passive voice has always been my nemesis, but maybe I’ve finally defeated it. Mostly.

Anyway, the experience was the equivalent of running into an old friend and realizing the two of us don’t have much in common anymore. We’ve gone in different directions. I’ve become an author and my old friend is a lazy couch potato.

Keep your eyes out for more news on this project. I’m thinking of offering the book at a discount to my newsletter subscribers only, so be sure you’re on the list:

What have you outgrown?


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