The Resurrection of Concord – The Hows & Whys of a Book’s Rebirth

The Story Behind the Story

When an author writes a novel, they make up the characters and the story, but the character, setting, story arc doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. There is usually a story behind the story. Often several little stories, which an author tweaks and cobbles together to mold into the main character or the supporting characters. Sometimes they will set their story in a real place. Other times they will create a fictional place that has aspects of places they’ve visited or lived.

In my series, The Story Behind the Story, I want to share with you some of the stories behind my stories. Though I have never outright written a person I know into a book, I have definitely been influenced by those who have crossed my path, as well as places I’ve visited or even simply passed through throughout the many years I’ve been on this earth. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments. I love, love, love to talk books or hear moments of your own life it might remind you of.

The Resurrection of Concord – The Hows & Whys of a Book’s Rebirth

Summer of 2001 waned and my second youngest started Kindergarten leaving me at home with only our youngest at home. It felt like I had ALL the time in the world with only one child to care for. My oldest and I had binge read the Harry Potter series that summer. The fifth book wasn’t set to release for a while and my heart ached to get back to Hogwarts. With all that time on my hands and a hankering for a fictional world, I realized, “Hey, you can create your own world.”

So I sat in front of my computer and started to type. The story poured out of me like it had been testing the fences for years and finally found the weak spot. I finished my 85,000 word middle grade fantasy in just two months.

And it was horrible. Seriously horrible.

The bones were great. I’d built a solid world even if I did go into a bit too much detail. The main character had a definite life changing problem to overcome and some great support to help her get over it, even though it was told in a passive voice. I had a lot of work ahead of me to make that story publishable.

As a matter of fact, it took me nine years to get the story into shape. But when I did, it was snatched up by Muse It Up Publishing quickly after submission and edits started all over again. It’s amazing how many times an author has to read their own book before it’s released into the wild.

Though my fabulous editor, Katie L. Carroll, breathed life into my main character and helped to close some gaps in the storyline, and erase more of the passive voice that I held tightly to, the book never really sold well after its release. Which is why I never wrote more in the series.

What Do You Do With a Lifeless Book?

Luckily the publishing world has changed and allows authors to make all sorts of choices for the life of their books. Since my story wasn’t selling well under Muse It Up, I asked for the rights back with the intention of republishing. Well, life is complicated and the republication didn’t happen.

Until today!

That’s right. After making a few tweaks to the story and adding a scene or two, I’ve re-titled, re-covered, and republished the story for your reading pleasure.

Day of Reckoning, Concord Chronicles Book 1 is now available in ebook and print. I’m so excited to have the print version. I think having a real live book available will help the book do better out there in the world of middle grade readers (and some adults ;)

How Can You Get Your Copy?

Never fear. I have all the links available for you. But first a little about the book:

Twelve-year-old, Terra, not only learns she’s a Nature’s Spirit destined to serve the peaceful underground city of Concord, but she also finds that a prophecy names her as the only one who can thwart the leader of the death tribe.

The Trepidus are the death janitors of the Underworld. They’re responsible for the termination and cleanup of Concord’s beings. When their leader, Blanco, learns Terra is the one who can derail his day of reckoning, he does everything he can to get rid of her. Including dispatch a “Bringer” to complete the ultimate of death janitor duties.

Terra hopes to complete her training and discover her Spirit talents so, Frank, a Spirit of Security, is assigned to protect her. They undertake a secret investigation of how to defeat Blanco. But with the future of Concord and Terra’s very own life at stake, will they find the answer in time?

So What? You Read it Already!

Then you can help by 
  • Recommending the book to your family, friends, and fellow bookworms. 
  • Buy a copy for a local classroom, middle school library or donate to a public library or Boys & Girls Club.
  • Write an all important review and post it on any of those sites linked above or on Goodreads. (The more reviews a book gets in the first three days, the better the book does.) Just a simple review saying why you like it and who you recommend it to is plenty.

Release day is always such a fun, scary, nerve wracking, hair pulling, numbers obsessing day. Please take the time to buy a copy or spread the word to give Day of Reckoning the best release possible!

Leave a happy, encouraging comment below to give me something to do. Or visit me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to keep my mind engaged and NOT obsessing over sales.

Happy reading!


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