Taking it to the Streets – Defining 2019

Commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments

When you make a plan and stick to it – or at least show concentrated effort to accomplish it - you’ll gain street cred among those hoping to achieve their own goals.

Last week I observed my 2019 goals from a far. Determined that to achieve the writing goals, I will have to write 51,000 words this year. But how on earth does that fit into my very tight schedule?

I’m going to break it into weekly bites so that I can have an idea of how many words per week I should be throwing down in order to complete my goal. There are 52 weeks in a year, but it’s already February 1st, so let’s subtract four of those. 51k words divided by the 48 weeks I have left in the year equals 1,062 ½ words per week. That kind of stinks. Especially since I work full time, manage some social media pages, write copy for a local ad agency, and want to get An Unwitting Trickster into shape to take its next step in life.

But it isn’t ridiculously out of reach. When I sit and write, I usually put down at least that many words. If I get an entire day, I can more than double it. So as long as I keep that number – as a weekly average – in mind, I will be able to stay on track.

Am I going to beat myself up if I only write 500 words this week? No. Because next week when my husband is out of town, I’ll probably be able to throw down 3500 and I’ll be ahead of the game. But now I have an AVERAGE goal to keep in mind. See how that works? Love it!

Monday, in my newsletter, I’m going to talk about finishing this round of revisions and how I’m struggling with what to do with this book. I hope you’re there with me, because I really need your input on this one!



  1. It's great that you have your goals, Kai, and you can do it. I'm so excited for you.

    1. Writing this series is a lot of work, but it really helps to keep me focused. It's really nice to be so actively an author again!

      Thanks for always being so supportive.

  2. I agree with the author. I had a similar stradegy. I decided to read a book and I wanted to finish it in a month. I also had calculated how many pages I had to read, but sometimes I couldn't accomplish a daily plan. So when I had more time I tried to read more than a daily norma and I managed to finish reading in 25 days.


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