Shout it from the Rooftop - Defining 2019

Plan -verb (used with object), planned, plan·ning.
to arrange a method or scheme beforehand for (any work, enterprise, or proceeding):
to plan a new recreation center.
to make plans for:
to plan one's vacation.

Last week we examined what I call drone view planning, where you do your high level planning for the year. Now we are going to take those ideas and move a little closer to them. Don’t worry, nothing too scary. I’m not going to make you work too hard.

Goal #1: Get book one in my Trickstering series ready for the next step in life.

How on earth do I do that? First I have to determine where I am with it and what kind of work needs to be done to get it ‘ready’ for the next step.

I’ve recently received a critique back from my very amazing crit partner. Crit partners are heroes. They look at your crap and spend their very valuable time telling you how you can make it better. I always send off a version of my book that I think will wow my partners in its near perfection. I always get back a manuscript slashed apart with red marks and suggestions. *Sigh* Which is where I am with An Unwitting Trickster.

So looking at the book from the rooftop, I can see the work I have to do, but can’t make out a lot of the details. I see that I have a round of edits to do. Since my book is somewhere around 53k words, it could take me a couple weekends to get that done.

Of my goals for 2019, this is my priority, so it will be the work I concentrate on first.

However, in my newsletter on Monday, I’ll look at my other goal(s) from the rooftop view. Even though I might not start on them immediately, I want to have an idea of the amount of work I will have to put in to accomplish them.

See, nothing too difficult about it. You can do it. What is a high level goal of yours and what is the rooftop view of that goal?

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