January 25, 2019

Shout it from the Rooftop - Defining 2019

Plan -verb (used with object), planned, plan·ning.
to arrange a method or scheme beforehand for (any work, enterprise, or proceeding):
to plan a new recreation center.
to make plans for:
to plan one's vacation.

Last week we examined what I call drone view planning, where you do your high level planning for the year. Now we are going to take those ideas and move a little closer to them. Don’t worry, nothing too scary. I’m not going to make you work too hard.

Goal #1: Get book one in my Trickstering series ready for the next step in life.

How on earth do I do that? First I have to determine where I am with it and what kind of work needs to be done to get it ‘ready’ for the next step.

I’ve recently received a critique back from my very amazing crit partner. Crit partners are heroes. They look at your crap and spend their very valuable time telling you how you can make it better. I always send off a version of my book that I think will wow my partners in its near perfection. I always get back a manuscript slashed apart with red marks and suggestions. *Sigh* Which is where I am with An Unwitting Trickster.

So looking at the book from the rooftop, I can see the work I have to do, but can’t make out a lot of the details. I see that I have a round of edits to do. Since my book is somewhere around 53k words, it could take me a couple weekends to get that done.

Of my goals for 2019, this is my priority, so it will be the work I concentrate on first.

However, in my newsletter on Monday, I’ll look at my other goal(s) from the rooftop view. Even though I might not start on them immediately, I want to have an idea of the amount of work I will have to put in to accomplish them.

See, nothing too difficult about it. You can do it. What is a high level goal of yours and what is the rooftop view of that goal?

See you Monday – but only if you’re subscribed:

January 18, 2019

Drone View Planning

When defining a year, you have to have a plan.

PLAN -noun
1.    a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance:battle plans.
2.    a design or scheme of arrangement:an elaborate plan for seating guests.
3.    a specific project or definite purpose:plans for the future.

Even if it’s a high level plan - a drone view if you will - you have to have an idea where you want to end up on December 31st.

First, I plan to have a finished book either circulating publishers or for that book to be self-published. I consider that a high level goal. Especially since I haven’t decided which route to take with this book yet. Heck, I haven’t even decided how I will determine that route. So, yeah, pretty high level at this point.

I’ll share the second thing I’m planning to accomplish this year in my newsletter on Monday. Plus I’ll have another little giveaway. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

What one thing do you have planned for this year that you feel is a shoe-in to accomplish? Anything?

January 11, 2019

Defining the New Year 1 Week at a Time

As I reviewed my goals for 2019, I realized that first I needed to define the year. I decided to dub 2019 the Year of the Trickster in order to get the trickster novel I've been working on forever in shape to take it's next step in life. But in order to do that, I have more definitions to make. The idea is to define what it will take for me to get the job done. To keep me focused. To move me and my writing forward. If this is something you think you might benefit from, I invite you to join me in my weekly explorations of defining what it takes to achieve my goal.

The first definition might be obvious.

Work - noun - exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil.

In order for us to reach our goals it will most definitely take some work. It may even take a LOT of work. Writing is hard work. It isn't physical, where you end up limping around from straining a thigh muscle while dead lifting 250 pounds. It's mental work. The kind that has you gnashing your teeth or reaching for a glass of wine after slamming your laptop closed. It's a marathon of thoughts and puzzles.

I will explore more about work in my newsletter, plus I'll have little giveaways each week for those of you who participate in defining your year with me. So, be sure to subscribe to get the next step in defining our work of 2019.

Have you ever practiced weigh lifting? What form did it take? Formal weight lifting in a gym or lifting kids or family responsibilities? What is the biggest weight you've lifted?