August 22, 2018


We're all readers here, right?

Thank you for visiting the website for authors, Kai Strand and LA Dragoni. Feel free to browse their book pages and read the blog. If you can't find the answer to your question, hop on over to the contact page and drop them an email. 

Award winning author, KAI STRAND, is often found exploring hiking trails and snapping pictures of waterfalls in her Oregon hometown. Wife and mother of four, Kai uses her life experiences to connect with young readers. Kai has given numerous presentations throughout Oregon about her work and the writing process. She loves interacting with teens and gaining their insight on their latest reads as well as what they would like to see in future stories.

When a number of story ideas, intended for the grown ups among us, wouldn’t stop needling her, a new pen name was born. Under the name LA DRAGONI, she writes about love and all of its complications, joys, and triumphs. She haunts ghost towns and old cemeteries and calls it research.

Kai/LA does classroom visits in person and via Skype as well as teaches classes and workshops. Contact her directly if you are interested in booking her.

Crazy Amazon

I have no idea why Amazon does this, but who am I to question the great marketing machine?

They've marked the print version of I AM ME down significantly! It's less than the Kindle version. If you have Prime with free shipping, you won't even have to pay shipping! Hey, the holidays are coming. Surely you know a teen or two. Teachers need books for their classrooms. Librarians always need new material. There a plenty of adults who read young this price, stock up!!!

I haven't checked my other titles, that one just caught my eye and I had to pass it along. Everybody loves a deal. 

Happy reading!

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August 1, 2018

My New Book Store

I'm excited to announce that I have a new online store for readers to order signed books. And it is right here on my website! Finally.

Often, I consider myself technical enough to get in trouble. I've been searching or a retail app I could add to my website for awhile and there was always something I didn't like about them. Usually cost. Sometimes they were complicated. But I've found what seems to be a no/low cost option that was really simple to add. Plus it offers the opportunity for growth when I become a bestseller. (Insert big grin here.)

Now I just need someone to order a book so I can make sure the whole process works. Ha ha.

Check out my very cool site on the Shop for Books tab -->

ALL of my books (ebooks, print, audio) are listed with descriptions on the Books by Kai Strand or Books by LA Dragoni tabs. If I have print copies in stock, the book will be available on the Shop for Books tab. If you can't find a version you're looking for or want an individual book that is only offered as part of a series (for example, at the time of this post, an individual title from the Weaver Tales series, or a hardcover of any/all of them) drop me an email and ask if I have it.

The benefits of ordering direct from me include, a signed book, a bookmark or two, and any other book related swag I have on hand that will fit in the package. All packages will be sent first class US Mail. You will receive shipping confirmation and a tracking number when the package has been sent.

You may have noticed the new look of my website. Interestingly enough the online store wouldn't display in Blogger's static option. Not the end of the world. I wasn't married to the look anyway. Thought I'd explain the change though. Does it throw you off at all when you go to a site expecting one thing and finding a completely new look? And more importantly, any plans to order signed books for yourself, family, or friends?

Thanks for all of your support. I love readers!