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Crazy Amazon

I have no idea why Amazon does this, but who am I to question the great marketing machine?

They've marked the print version of I AM ME down significantly! It's less than the Kindle version. If you have Prime with free shipping, you won't even have to pay shipping! Hey, the holidays are coming. Surely you know a teen or two. Teachers need books for their classrooms. Librarians always need new material. There a plenty of adults who read young this price, stock up!!!

Buy from Amazon now
I haven't checked my other titles, that one just caught my eye and I had to pass it along. Everybody loves a deal. 
Happy reading!

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My New Book Store

I'm excited to announce that I have a new online store for readers to order signed books. And it is right here on my website! Finally.

Often, I consider myself technical enough to get in trouble. I've been searching or a retail app I could add to my website for awhile and there was always something I didn't like about them. Usually cost. Sometimes they were complicated. But I've found what seems to be a no/low cost option that was really simple to add. Plus it offers the opportunity for growth when I become a bestseller. (Insert big grin here.)

Now I just need someone to order a book so I can make sure the whole process works. Ha ha.

Check out my very cool site on the Shop for Books tab -->

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