May 16, 2018

When Life Kills Your Motivation

I haven’t made the time to write recently. I’ve been on two long car trips down to California in the past month and when I am home, my mind feels like mush. The urge prickles within me though. Not enough for me to be able to collect my thoughts and concentrate, but the mind itch is a good sign. My Trickster character, Luke, occupies a lot of my thoughts. The first book, which is in edit mode, and the second book, which is in first draft mode. There will be political stuff in the second book that I’m not good with, so I really need to brainstorm with my husband on what I imagine is happening in my Trickster’s life and how hubs thinks that would play out in the convoluted world of politics. Hubs seemed surprised when I asked him to help me, which cracked me up. “You think I know about politics?” asks the man who explains the evening news to me every night.

I’m determined to figure out how to add writing and exercising into my days now that the sun is up past 8:30 at night and we approach the end of the school year. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll find the motivation to do it all and bring home a pay check.

What are your current challenges?

May 9, 2018

Author Read Book Club

I’m starting a new undertaking that I hope you will join me on. I’m re-reading my own published books. Some books I wrote with intention. The desire to share a specific message or the hope to evoke certain emotions. But most of my books were written simply to entertain. With the hope that the reader would smile or laugh, sit on the edge of their seat, or bite their lip in anticipation. And I want to see if my books still do all that for me.

So I created a book club. On Goodreads. The idea is that we will all start readng whatever the book of the month is at the same time. I’ll post my progress and share thoughts on passages and invite you to do the same thing. You aren’t required to read at the same pace. You aren’t even required to like the book! But I do ask that you be respectful of me and other readers. If you dislike something, share the information with care and supporting facts. If you are going to disagree with someone’s thoughts on a character or theme, or whatever, do so gently and share the reason why you believe what you believe.

The beauty of story is that each person brings their own unique life experiences to a book to interpret it differently. I want to know where those variences are. I’d love to hear that you don’t like a character because she reminds you too much of a kid from middle school that got you stuck in detention. I want to know that a scene made you ugly cry because it reminded you of a time when __________ (fill in the blank.)
So, please join my book club and when you can, read along with me. Don’t worry if you read slower, or faster, or if you have to skip a book or two. Just dip in when it fits in your life because I want to read with you. And you. And you…

The first read is Worth the Effort: Ella’s Story. A novella you can download for free from all major etailers. I’ll start my re-read this Monday (May 14th) I don’t know how long it will take, but because this is so short I’m going to take my time with it. Even then it will probably only take a week.

All you need to do to prepare is:
Join the Author ReadBook Club on Goodreads
Download your copy of Ella’s Story (if you don’t already own it)

See you next week!