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How Your Voice is Like a Necklace...or a D.J.

Reprint of a blog post from February 2010 (before I sold my first manuscript!)
At dinner last night my husband and I were tucked into a romantic little table for two (okay, romantic is stretching it, but a girl needs an imagination in this era of open, well-lit restaurants).  We were whispering, and I was blushing and giggling (yes, more imagining) when suddenly the person in the booth behind me drew my attention.  I turned and poked my head over the top of the booth and sure enough it was a local disc jockey that I listen to most mornings (one of my favorites, btw).  I recognized her voice.
Authors are always told to find their voice.  But is it possible to develop a writing voice so strong that someone would recognize it on the opposite side of a tall booth?  To develop a recognizable voice, an author employs a unique use of words, phrases, and writing techniques that places an author's "stamp" on their work. It is recognizable to the reader, even if they don't know …