November 22, 2017

Again, For Love by LA Dragoni #TimeTravel #Romance for Grown-Ups

Would you sacrifice everything for love? My new release for the adults among us, is available TODAY! Yay.

A life must be lost. Who will make the ultimate sacrifice? 

Lawson lives a simple life: a job at a brewery, and his basketball and hockey leagues. Even his eccentric lifelong friend and roommate—who is intent on discovering time travel—doesn’t complicate things. Then Jory appears. Lawson feels an immediate attraction to her, yet their attempts at dating end with him thinking it just isn’t meant to be. But Jory refuses to give up. 

When one date ends tragically, Lawson turns to his best friend and the experimental time travel program he’s invented. But, no matter what he does, each time the reset ends with a loss. 

It’s clear…a life must be lost, and Lawson is prepared to give his for Jory. But he isn’t the only one playing with time. 

Will he spare Jory by forfeiting his own life? Or will someone else make the ultimate sacrifice?

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Chapter 1
“So you’re going for the stalker approach, I see.”
Lawson sighed and shifted his gaze to the table. Der- rick was a jerk, but he was also right.
“She just moved here from Washington.”
Despite himself, Lawson raised an eyebrow and prompted for more information from his boss. Their boss. “State or DC?”
“State. Some small town east of the Cascades. I don’t remember the name.” Derrick took a big bite of his ham- burger and only half chewed it before continuing. “She at- tended Central Washington University, but didn’t graduate. She was going for a B.S. in Craft Brewing. That’s the main reason she got the job. She’s qualified. The fact that she’s smoking hot is just a bonus.”
Lawson cringed. “Pretty sure admitting that you find her attractive is verging on illegal, dude.”
Derrick shrugged. “Probably. Hell, not finding you at- tractive could probably get me in trouble these days.”
Lawson snorted. His gaze wandered to Jory one more time. He’d barely said three words to her in the few days she’d worked at the brewery. Her beauty intimidated him, making him stammer like a pubescent teen. He seemed to be the only one having that problem. She sat at a table with three guys from bottling and a girl from the office. The guys looked like total vultures, with beady eyes and hunching postures as if ready to pounce. But Jory appeared oblivious. She laughed at their stories and seemed to share her own.
Why the hell was he sitting with Derrick instead of at that table? He should have sat down with them when he came into the break room. It would’ve been natural. Instead, he slumped his big, bulky body into the corner like the stalker Derrick accused him of being. The light that glinted off her auburn waves when she tossed her head back to laugh made his fingers itch. The long line of her neck taunt- ed him: I know you want to taste me.
Curling his hands into fists, he tipped his head forward so that his chin length hair made a curtain between them and focused on his plate of food, deciding to finish his lunch fast and get the hell back to work.
Derrick took a healthy swig of his beer and slammed the pint down on the table with determination. “I’m gonna ask her out.”
Lawson’s throat went dry, and he almost choked. He forced his bite of food down before replying. “You can’t, dude. You’re her boss. You can’t date her.”
“We just won’t tell anyone.”“You just told me.”“Are you gonna run to the big wigs and tell them?” “Well, no. But...” He wanted to come up with a compelling argument against Derrick asking Jory out. Derrick was good looking and made more money, and he had some weird charm that girls seemed to fall for all the time. If the risk of losing his job wasn’t threat enough, Lawson was screwed. “Dude, I’d hate to see you go.”
Derrick laughed. “I guess it would be pretty stupid of me to put my job in jeopardy. It’s a sweet gig.”
Lawson nodded, hopeful.
“Maybe I’ll fire her.”
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About the author:

***Straight to the heart***

LA Dragoni isn’t too particular about who falls in love or where they fall in love. She simply considers it her job to capture the story about their love. Whether it’s paranormal, mythical, or time travel, LA will be there to divine their story for you. She lives in Central Oregon with her husband and children, but haunts ghost towns and cemeteries up and down the west, in search of the next adventure to sift through her storytelling brain. Learn more about LA and her work at

November 6, 2017

November #InkRipples - Finishing that Book!

It’s like we realized November is National Novel Writing Month when we chose this month’s topic. Huh.

To me this is an extension of last month’s topic of Career vs Hobby. One of the most difficult aspects of being an author – of it being a career vs it being your hobby – is that you finish the dang book. How many people have partial books on their hard drive? A LOT. Even career authors have partial books; a.k.a. works in progress, or WIPs. But a career author makes a habit of finishing them.

There is an abandon point in every book. For me it is usually somewhere in the middle. Usually near the end of the middle. Middles are really hard. In my mind, they feel like I’m trudging waist deep through a thick bog. Peat is gathering around my legs and hips making the progress more and more difficult and finally I have to think, This book so being so difficult. Is this worth it? That’s where you either abandon the book because you can’t see a way to the end, and you stay a hobbyist. Or you push and push and push through until you break free and can finally craft the end of the book. The first time you do that is when you become a career author. Even if you aren’t published yet. Finishing that book is really difficult.

There are other circumstances that make finishing the book difficult. Raising children, work, family commitments, obstinate computers, walking the dog, a new season of Flash on Netflix, reading all the other great books out there…that’s where things like NaNoWriMo come in. The first time I did NaNo – 2008, I think – I chose to do it because I was a wife, mother of four school aged children, working part-time and finding it very difficult to sit down and write. I thought if I participated in NaNo, it would force the discipline. It did! It was such a painful process for me. The novel was an absolute mess, but I finished it. And guess what? Five years later that NaNo novel – King of Bad – was published. Plus the torture of that month of writing was always the incentive to keep the discipline so that I would never have to do NaNo again!

But then I hit a writing slump. After publishing 12 books, I was disillusioned by the business of being a published author and stopped writing for over a year! I needed to step back, find the love again. By the time NaNo came around last year I was ready to jump back in with both feet. I sat down and wrote a novel. Luckily for me I was a far more seasoned novelist and the NaNo experience wasn’t nearly as painful. Since that novel was shorter than the 50k words you need to ‘win’ NaNo, I worked on another one to make up the remaining word count. Not only did I find my writing stride again (I’ve since finished two more books and published one of them) but last year’s NaNo book will be published on November 22nd! It’s a book for the grown ups among us under my other pen name, LA Dragoni. You can pre-order it now. The links are on my website. It’s a fun, fun book for those of you who like a slightly sexy time travel romance.

Anyway, the point of this rambling isn’t to brag, but to demonstrate why finishing that book is key to building an author career vs being a hobbyist.

And the only way to do it is to push through the hard stuff. Just get something down. Butt in chair. Cruddy first drafts. Name your cliché. The point is, you can’t improve your story without that first draft, so even if you know it’s just the skeleton of a scene –get it down! Finish that book.

Happy writing!

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