November #InkRipples - Heritage



1. something that is handed down from the past, as a tradition

2. something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth; an inherited lot 
or portion

3. something reserved for one

Yeah...seriously. I got nothing to add to this topic. Is that sad, or what? My maiden name is SMITH, so that doesn't help. We have no family traditions, no titles, no HERITAGE. 

So help me out. Do you have a heritage you like to brag on? Please share it in the comments.

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  1. Smiths seem to have populated the world! That's an impressive heritage!

  2. Your heritage, in my humble opinion, is what you inherited from your family and ancestors. Your appearance, your temperament, your musical, artistic, writing, or other talents. Maybe they did nothing considered spectacular, but working hard, caring for others, they left their footprints for descendants to follow. We are products of our heritage, good and bad. Look for yours Kai. You're a talented author. You're a great mother. There's more. I'll stop teaching now. :) You're a wonderful friend. Now, I'll stop.

  3. I don't really have anything to contribute either. LOL

  4. Creativity is my greatest joy and surprise! It was always there in me, though I did not think of it as anything particularly unusual or special, until recent years.

    My mom was very sick. She traveled many times from our hometown to a nearby city - Portland - for evaluation and procedures at the Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital. One such visit, the four of us children stayed home with a sitter and anxiously awaited her return. I moped in my room and cried as the hours dragged by. Finally, I grabbed crayons and a used up tablet of paper. On the cardboard back, I drew and colored a picture of a moon mama and child. (We were fascinated with the moon and exciting talk of space ships preparing in coming years to travel there!)

    The next morning, mom surprised me with a gift in a small white box. I opened the lid to find a necklace with a pendant made of beads. Green beads with a tear on a painted face! The picture I had drawn and colored was a green moon mama and child!

    That is the first strange and wonderful example of creativity emerging in my life. Through the years there have been so many more! And not only for me! My siblings share great doses of creativity. My mom and dad both used creative skills to raise us with little money but as much style and enthusiasm as possible. My sister is a seamstress and jewelry maker. One brother is an artist of bronze and metal sculptures. Another brother excels in landscaping and renovation projects. Our grandmother was a painter. Our grandfather was a writer and poet. His father was not only a highly successful farmer, but also skilled in many crafts: carving furniture, taxidermy, and construction of many items for home-use. And our grandparents recorded their thoughts and dreams in letters and diaries saved now more than one-hundred years at their Idaho ranch now a national Historic Site: White Spring Ranch Museum.

    Creativity is my treasured heritage!

  5. Whatever. You totally have some heritage, you just haven't dug deep enough. I come from a line of musicians on one side, and writers on the other. It's in my genes. I tell you, it was empowering to learn that.

  6. Fair enough, Kai, though I do agree with others that I bet you have some heritage if you looked a little harder. I bet you're passing your own heritage down to you kids and they would have a very different response to this. :)


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