Another Favorite Childhood Book

Another treasured find from our recent garage purge brought a huge smile to my face. Since The Peanuts Movie releases Friday, this is a great time for me to share this book.

The Snoopy Festival by Charles M. Schulz

Snoopy was one of my all time favorite characters when I was a child. Ah, what am I saying? He still is! I even received a 3 foot tall stuffed Snoopy when I was barely taller than that (I'm guessing I got it for Christmas 1968 or 9.) I used to drag him around by his ear because he was too tall and wide around for me to pick up. There is a picture of me with him somewhere in this world, unfortunately I'm not in possession of it. My 3 foot tall Snoopy perished in a garage fire about fifteen years later. He was threadbare. His head drooped and he listed to one side because his stuffing was so compacted. But I still loved him. Happily, he lives on in my memories.

Now I can revisit my favorite character on a regular basis through the book I received from my mom for Christmas in 1974. Even more special is the dedication she penned inside the front cover. It's wonderful to see her lovely script again. So uniquely hers.

Between the covers you'll discover Snoopy, the world famous author,

Snoopy, the World War I flying ace,

Joe Cool,

and some beloved friends - such as Woodstock, who could take shorthand-did you know? Hey, is there anyone out there who can translate what Woodstock wrote below?

I'm a little nervous about The Peanuts Movie, because it doesn't often end well when they try to bring an old favorite into a modern world. But regardless of if the movie fairs well or not, I have my fantastic find to reminisce with.

What/who were your favorite childhood characters?


  1. I'm hesitant to see the Peanuts movie also, but a preview of it made it look pretty good. I might take a chance on it - not sure yet though. :)

    1. I think I might wait a few days and see what the general vibe is from initial viewers.

  2. What precious memories. I hope the movie does Peanuts justice.
    I liked Roy Rogers and Gene Autry when I was younger. :) Don't recall any before that.

    1. Weren't they singing cowboys? Sigh. Love those silky tones of the old yodeling cowboys.


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