Abandoning Your Best Friend

Writing is a funny thing. I spend months inside a story—creating, revising, refining—and then it’s published and I don’t see it again. It’s like having a really close friend for a year and then abandoning her.

Sure, I have to spend time promoting each story. Most unfortunately, that never stops, but it isn’t the same as when I’m truly inside that story working it. Trying to find the absolute best order for the words so the story creates a physical reaction in the reader. Tears, laughter, racing pulse, gutted emotions, cheers—something, anything, or all of it at one point or the other between the covers.

Most recently, I’m missing Cara and Nik from FindingThor. Their relationship isn’t quite as emotional as Ella and Ayden’s from Worth the Effort, but they have a lot more suspense and certainly more humor in their lives and I really miss working with them. Is this why stand alone books become series? The author simply misses her characters and has to discover the next adventure in their lives? NO, I’m not planning on writing more of Cara and Nik at this point. I don’t even have time to re-read their story. I just miss them.

So, dear readers, do me a favor and you read their story and then contact me here or on Facebook or via email and tell me all the things you loved about them and the things that made you want to strangle them and share gifs of the actors you would pick to play them in the movie adaptation. Let me re-live Cara and Nik vicariously through you!

Pleeeease and thank you!


  1. I, too, miss my characters when I'm done writing a book. I enjoy getting back into their heads during revision. But then when the book is done, it is like losing an old friend!

  2. It's tough to let go of characters. I always miss mine.

  3. It is difficult to part with old friends. You've spent nights and days with them and they're just like your children.

    1. I admit, sometimes it makes me feel a little crazy ;)


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