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Featured Book: Lemonade For You by Ashley McConnell

Today I'm featuring a special book that is helping with a good cause. Part of the proceeds from all the sales of Lemonade for You go to Alex's Lemonade Stand, an organization committed to fund research to eradicate childhood cancer.

About the Book:

After seeing a toy she desperately wants, Angela begs her father to get
it for her. When her father tells her that she must find a way to earn
the money to buy it herself, Angela comes up with a plan: she and her
daddy will put together a lemonade stand for all the thirsty people on
the hot summer day in her neighborhood. However, things don't end the
way she thought they would—with her having a brand new toy.

Lemonade for You is a story about love, sickness, charity, being a
child, and caring about others. It's sweet, charming, and educational

Authors Facebook page:

Cover Reveal for Hot Pink in the City by Medeia Sharif

I'm excited to help talented young adult author, Medeia Sharif with the cover reveal for her upcoming book, Hot Pink in the City.  Be sure to add it to your to-read list and follow Medeia so you don't miss all her exciting news.

Author: Medeia Sharif Release date: August 19, 2015
Asma Bashir wants two things: a summer fling and her favorite '80s songs. During a trip to New York City to stay with relatives, she messes up in her pursuit of both. She loses track of the hunk she met on her airplane ride, and she does the most terrible thing she could possibly do to her strict uncle…ruin his most prized possession, a rare cassette tape. A wild goose chase around Manhattan and Brooklyn to find a replacement tape yields many adventures—blackmail, theft, a chance to be a TV star, and so much more. Amid all this turmoil, Asma just might be able to find her crush in the busiest, most exciting city in the world.
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Abandoning Your Best Friend

Writing is a funny thing. I spend months inside a story—creating, revising, refining—and then it’s published and I don’t see it again. It’s like having a really close friend for a year and then abandoning her.
Sure, I have to spend time promoting each story. Most unfortunately, that never stops, but it isn’t the same as when I’m truly inside that story working it. Trying to find the absolute best order for the words so the story creates a physical reaction in the reader. Tears, laughter, racing pulse, gutted emotions, cheers—something, anything, or all of it at one point or the other between the covers.
Most recently, I’m missing Cara and Nik from FindingThor. Their relationship isn’t quite as emotional as Ella and Ayden’s from Worth the Effort, but they have a lot more suspense and certainly more humor in their lives and I really miss working with them. Is this why stand alone books become series? The author simply misses her characters and has to discover the next adventure in the…

July #InkRipples #Giveaway – Patriotism

I’ve always considered myself a patriotic person. I love my country. Naturally, American patriotism makes me think of Independence Day and I.D. makes me think of fireworks. Oh my gosh, I love fireworks. To me sitting under a summer sky filled with the pop and burst of fireworks is one of the most romantic scenes I can imagine. Seriously, if my husband would just figure this out, he could totally exploit it.
For this month’s #Inkripples giveaway, we are going visual! I want you to post a picture or pictures representing your patriotism. It can be of your country’s flag or mascot, your military or a famous Olympian. Post the picture on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. Wherever you post, be sure you:

1) follow me
2) tag me
3) use #inkripples
4) fill out the rafflecopter to claim your entry/ies. Not too difficult.
Post your picture(s) and claim your entry via rafflecopter before 11:59 pm on July 26th. One randomly chosen entry will win a $5.00 Amazon gift card. I will notify …

Cover Reveal - Travelers by Meradeth Houston

I'm so excited to be helping Meradeth Houston show off the gorgeous cover for her upcoming release, Travelers. Meradeth is a great author. If YA and/or sci-fi is your thing, be sure to add this to your to-read list.
Travelers Blurb:
Sienna Crenshaw knows the rules: 1) no time traveling beyond your natural lifetime, 2) no screwing with death, and 3) no changing the past. Ever. Sienna doesn’t love being stuck in the present, but she’s not the type to break the rules. That is, she wasn’t the type until her best friend broke every one of those rules to keep Henry, her twin brother and Sienna’s ex-boyfriend, alive.
Suddenly, Sienna is caught in an unfamiliar reality. The upside? Henry is still alive. The downside? Sienna’s old life, including the people in it, has been erased. Now, Sienna and Henry must untangle the giant knot in time, or her parents and all the rest of the Travelers, will be lost forever. One problem: the only way to be successful is for Henry to die.

Release Date: Augu…