The Endless Possibilities of Paranormal - Guest Post by Bree Wolf

Blue skies, a brilliantly shining sun and a happily ever after; who doesn’t like that? And yet, what would a happily ever after be without a little thunder and lighting on the way?

Paranormal YA is a great genre with endless possibilities. While we are all familiar with most of what makes it paranormal (i.e. vampires, witches, werewolves, etc.), there are no rules that say you can’t re-invent the already-known, plus make up your own creatures on the way.

When writing ‘How to Live and Die in Crescent Rock’ (#1 Crescent Rock Series), my head was spinning with all the aspects I wanted to incorporate into this story. I enjoyed re-inventing my own breed of vampires as much as creating my very own paranormal beings, that have never before seen the light of day.
At the same time, I switched around attitudes and character traits to bring to life unique individuals that readers will enjoy getting to know. Some you will love; and some you will love to hate.

As the main character, high school senior Quinn McPherson is torn out of her everyday life and dumped into a paranormal mystery. As expected, she has a little trouble adjusting, but out of necessity catches on quickly. After all, would you be able to focus on trigonometry and calculus if you suddenly found yourself the target of a supernatural hunt? I take that as a ‘no’.

As far as I can tell right now, the Crescent Rock Series will encompass at least four books. ‘How to Live and Die in Crescent Rock’ (#1) is already available while I am currently dealing with a quite fickle muse, working on ‘How to Love and Hate in Crescent Rock’ (#2). If I don’t lose my mind, I hope to have it published sometime next year.

Blurb ‘How to Live and Die in Crescent Rock’ (YA):

In the small town of Crescent Rock, located in the most southern dip of North Carolina, high school senior and head of the cheerleading squad QUINN MCPHERSON leads a life … almost like the majority of her peers all over the country. Ruling her school with a firm hand, always followed by an entourage of personality-lacking wanna-bes dying to be just like her, Quinn takes the control she’s always had over her life and those in it as a given. Her word is obeyed, followed to the point and never challenged.
Until one night sends her perfectly structured life into a tailspin – literally.
As her car threatens to spin off the road, Quinn is saved in the last moment by a handsome new-comer who – as she soon discovers – is more than human, and his presence in town is not a coincidence. Although he’s never met her, ARNAUD DE LA ROCHE came to save her life. From that moment on, as one near-death situation pours into another, Quinn is constantly torn between feeling grateful for the safety of his presence and the almost desperate urge to claw his eyes out. Finding in Arnaud an equally strong mind, not used to backing down or taking orders, Quinn soon finds herself infuriated whenever she lays eyes on him. Not even when more and more supernaturals come pouring into Crescent Rock and dark secrets are dragged into the light of day are they able to set aside their differences.

With a deep love for literature, Bree Wolf became a writer early on when she discovered that many of the books she wanted to read hadn’t been written yet. While obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education and a Master of Arts in Specialized Translation, she followed her fancy across different genres, deciding on a whim what to write about. Although she herself is her own toughest critic, she is always on the lookout for inspirational assistance. Help her work out the bugs in her writing by leaving a comment or writing a review.
Okay, so much for the slightly weird, third-person perspective. On a more personal note …
… as a part-time English teacher I sometimes can’t seem to resist the urge to correct people’s grammar – so, beware!
… I’m hopelessly addicted to chocolate, which is why you generally don’t find any in my kitchen (not because I don’t buy it but because it never really makes it from the shopping bag to the shelf).
… while eight legs don’t bother me so much, six however accompanied by an annoying and insistent buzzing have me running for the hills (well, I don’t like things that sting).
… and last but not least I feel I should mention my inability to leave the volume control of the TV on anything but an even number (you’re thinking OCD? Yeah, that thought had occurred to me too).
Well, I guess that about sums it up!


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