Most Important Announcement Ever!

But you must memorize the entire thing!
New (and used) authors – listen up. There is one thing you need each and every time you promote your work. If you're composing a guest post, book spotlight, or cover reveal they all must include one important thing.

Let me demonstrate:

You’ll get gooey, melted chocolate, over your choice of a blonde or chocolate brownie. A scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a swirl of whipped topping. Like nuts? I’m happy to sprinkle some on top. Of course I’ll top it all off with a sweet, maraschino cherry.

(insert picture of demonstrator whistling, or twiddling thumbs.)

(insert gif of reader shrugging)

(insert gif of demonstrator arching eyebrows)

Have you figured it out yet?

See how I got you all excited for that amazing brownie dessert? And then never told you how to get it?

Now you’re catching on. You need a call-to-action. Every single time you promote your work, be sure to include a way for the reader to either buy it or find out more about it. Include a link to your website, newsletter, the buy link, or Goodreads link.

Don’t get the person all excited about eating a blondie sundae and then NOT tell them how to get one from you! That’s just wrong. If your book isn’t out yet, then point them to the Goodreads page so they can add it to their to-read shelf. Better yet, encourage them to join your mailing list so you can alert them as soon as the book is released. Don’t make them root around for more information, because chances are they won’t work too hard. If you’re going to do the work of getting them interested – then hook them with a call-to-action. 


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