Cover Reveal - The Best Kept Secret by Wendi Nunnery

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting the cover reveal for The Best Kept Secret by Wendi Nunnery! This young adult novel deals with coming-of-age, friendship, lies, sex, and bullying--all the main components of a typical high school day. 

About The Book

In high school, everyone has secrets. Even well-brought-up Emma Fraser.

Emma’s sophomore year started out all wrong. First, her best friend Andy confessed to losing his virginity leaving Emma all alone in the V-Club. Then the rest of her friends got weird and suddenly Emma finds herself feeling like the people she knows best have become total strangers. And total strangers are becoming friends.

When Deegan Burke, a rich, gorgeous senior, asks Emma to be his date for the prom, Emma thinks her luck has begun to change. But rather than being able to bask in this newfound glory, her whole world starts to unravel. And when secrets that once seemed so innocent start to take a very dangerous turn, Emma discovers that true friends are friends no matter what…and some secrets aren’t worth keeping.

About The Author

Wendi Nunnery is the author of The Mayfield Family Story. She is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and The Simply Beloved, a lifestyle website for women of faith. She is a proud alumna of Georgia Southern University and, at any given time, you can find her with a cup of coffee and a book. She lives, loves, and mothers in Atlanta, Georgia. The Best Kept Secret is her first novel.

Find her online:

Twitter: @ladynunnery
Instagram: @ladynunnery
And now, the moment you've been waiting for....

The Cover!


  1. Congratulations, Wendi. Your book sounds like one teens will enjoy. Lovely cover. Best of luck to you.

    1. It does sound very teen appropriate, doesn't it, Beverly? Thanks for visiting.

  2. Intriguing! You have me hooked. The cover is lovely as well as Wendi's photo! Congratulations Wendi!

    1. I love Wendi's author photo! Adorable. Thanks for visiting, Donna.


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