Sanctuary of Nine Dragons celebrates One Year

Christina Weigand stopped by my blog today to share and celebrate the one year anniversary of the publication her book Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three. This book is the third one in her series Palace of the Twelve Pillars.

Here is an excerpt from Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three:

Joachim cringed as he thought about what he had to do. The council had decided. He didn’t agree completely, but in the end, Joachim knew it was the only way; something had to be done. Maybe Brandan would give him a reason not to send him away.

King Brandan stomped into the room. “Why, Brother, have you no throne prepared for your poor, missing brother? I’m hurt. I expected more from you and my sister-in-law. Maeve, dear, couldn’t you have helped him prepare better?” He stepped toward her, quickly grabbed her hand, and kissed it.

Joachim lunged at him, pushing him from the dais. Brandan staggered then regained his balance and gazed at his brother. “Why such violence, especially when I am so recently injured?”

Stepping off the dais, Joachim stood eye-to-eye with his brother. “Enough! You’re no more hurt than I am. And you have no business touching my wife, or sitting on Crato’s throne.”

Brandan laughed, pushed him aside, and stepped up to claim his throne. Joachim grabbed his twin's shoulder, spun him around, and punched him in the mouth.

Rubbing where Joa’s fist had landed, Brandan smirked. “Well, my brother has finally developed some stones.” He raised his other hand to hit Joachim.

Matthias stepped forward, sword in hand and grabbed his arm before he could hit Crato's king. He pulled the king’s brother away, so Joachim could reclaim his throne.

Jerking himself free, Brandan straightened his tunic. “This has been fun; but as you seem to be in no mood to visit, I shall take my leave. Come to me when you’re in a better frame of mind.”

“Stop! You are going nowhere until I say you can.”

Brandan stopped and looked at his brother. “What did you say to me? Is that how you talk to a fellow king and brother?”

“Yes, it is. As of this morning, you are no longer a king, and I’m not sure I should even call you brother.”

“Why dearest brother, whatever do you mean?” Brandan asked.

“Ever since we were boys, you have done everything you could to make trouble. I was always willing to forgive you and hoped you would change your evil ways. But no more! You have pushed me—pushed this country—too far this time,” Joa thundered at him.

 “What are you rambling on about?” Brandan sneered and bit a fingernail. 

“Brandan, I should sentence you to execution, but there are two things keeping me from that. First: you are my brother, and I hold onto a hope, however faint, you can be reformed…”

Brandan chortled. “Not a good bet, brother.”

“Second, I strongly suspect you of making two attempts on my life.  Unfortunately, I don’t have enough evidence to prove it was you. I punished one innocent man because of the little evidence we do have. I do not wish to make that mistake a second time.”

Brandan laughed again. “So, if we’re finished here, I’ll be leaving.”

“As I said before, you won’t be going anywhere until I say so. I may not have what I need to sentence you to death, but after your actions toward the queen this morning, I have some recourse.”

“What are you talking about? I did nothing she didn't ask for.”

Maeve rose from her throne. Joa put his hand on her arm to stop her.

“Brandan, I suggest you remain quiet until I finish.”

“Brother, you do not have the authority to do this. We are equals.”

“Do you not see the Adept Council before you? We met and discussed this matter at length... They have given me the authority.”

“This tiresome group of old men?” Brandan laughed. “They have even less power over me than you do.”

Ignoring Brandan’s comments, the king continued. “First, I strip you of your title. You are no longer King Brandan but will henceforth be known simply as Prince Brandan.” He paused and swallowed. He didn’t know if he could continue. The lump in his throat felt as big as a koali fruit. He swallowed again. Maeve grasped his hand. Warmth and reassurance enveloped him. He knew what he had to do.

“When we have finished here, Rupert, Salochin, and Master Frederick will take you to Rupert’s tower. There, they will strip you of your magical powers. When they are finished, Matthias and Wilhelm will escort you to the Port of Wyrzburg, where you will be put on a ship bound for Hyogo, the prison island. There you will remain for the rest of your life. You are never to return to Crato or Mahorg. You will live in the mountain abbey with the monks and work side-by-side with them.”

“You’re a misguided fool.” Brandan sneered. “If you believe that by exiling me, you are saving yourself from evil—think again. You may have peace and rest comfortably for a short while, but don’t assume I won’t find a way to come back and destroy you.” He stepped up to the thrones and leaned forward, placing a hand on each. The guards on either side of the king stepped forward to stop him. Joachim raised his hand signaling them to stop.

Brandan glared at the guard and muttered, “Freisen!” The man froze where he stood.

Brandan turned back to his brother and sister-in-law. “No, Joa. This is not over and what I did to your guard is nothing compared to the evils you will suffer by my hand.”

While he was speaking, Rupert chanted a binding spell. Matthias came forward and placed his sword tip to Brandan’s back.

The king put his good hand on his brother’s shoulders and pushed him upright as he stood. “You have done enough! Matthias, escort him to Master Rupert’s tower.”

As the prince was escorted from the room, Joa slumped back into his throne. It was done, he thought as remorse washed over him. A tear crawled down his cheek as Maeve squeezed his hand. 
Brandan and Joachim were interviewed by the author, Christina Weigand about their adventures in  Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three. Here is what they had to say:

I had a chance to talk with Joachim and Brandan: Sanctuary of Nine Dragons.
C.W.: Many exciting things happened in Palace of the Three Crosses: Book Two. Both of you were crowned king and got married. Joachim you became a father.  And Brandan you managed to rid Ramajadin of your enemy Waldrom. What could possibly be left to be done Sanctuary of Nine Dragons?
Brandan: Until I can defeat my brother and his god there is plenty for me to do. If I can’t have his wife and his throne, I will find a way to eradicate him and the Kningrad.
C.W.: But don’t you already have a throne and a Mantion wife?
Brandan: That Mantion witch disappeared after she tried to kill me and as far as I am concerned she can stay hidden. I want nothing to do with her and if she dares show her face I will eradicate her along with everyone else that gets in my way.
Joachim: Brandan, your attitude is unnecessary. I am more than willing to share the rule of Ramajadin with you. Maeve and I care about you and only want you to be a part of our family and rule our countries in peace. I will even overlook you past indiscretions and forays into Sidramah’s magic.
Brandan: What makes you think I want to share rule? No I should have it all.
C.W.: Gentlemen, let’s change the subject. Joachim you recently became a father. How does that change the way you do things?
Brandan: I can answer that. He’s become even more of a pidgekin than he was before. He’s always fawning over those brats and whining about his arm. I think he should step down from being king and husband and let me take over.
Joachim: Brandan stop exaggerating. I definitely have a different perspective, but if anything it is a better one. If you would only stop your extracurricular activities and help more you would see it too.
Brandan: Bah. See things through your eyes. Not going to happen.
C.W.: Do you two ever agree on anything?
Brandan:  We would if he would come to see things my way.
C.W.: So what do we have to look forward to in Sanctuary?
Joachim: The Mantion continue to attack. It seems even Waldrom’s death has not put an end to the hostilities. With Waldrom gone and no obvious leader they seem determined to prevent any peace and happiness from occurring.
Brandan: Brother, you know so little. I’m sure there is someone pulling the strings and when you figure out whom, it will be too late.
C.W.: It seems as if our time is up. Thank you for your time.
A little bit about Palace of the Twelve Pillars: Book One
The Peace Summit was in shambles, the prince kidnapped.
When the rival king realizes he kidnapped the wrong prince, hostilities escalate. Loyalties to each other and country are tested for the twin princes of Crato, Joachim and Brandan.
Joachim, captive of King Waldrom, faces deception and betrayal as he struggles to find his way home. Brandan, at home with a father focused on rescuing Joachim, wrestles with his own demons as he searches for his place in the world and the favor of his father.
Torn from the safety and peace of their childhood, they are thrust into a world where bonds of family, brotherhood and roles as heirs to Crato are tested. Through war, spiritual journeys, death and marriage, will they choose the path of good or evil? Who can be trusted, as the world they know slips into a whirlpool of chaos?

Palace of the Three Crosses: Book Two
Brandan and Joachim survived the war, but can their relationship and their countries survive the aftermath.
They returned from the brink of Hell, but everyone questions if they are truly healed and one with Asha.
As each prince tries to readjust to life, they must face the funeral of their father and their missing mother.
They each take on the responsibility of ruling a country with new wives by their sides, but can they and the countries survive the trials that will ensue because of their choices?
Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three
Joachim banishes Brandan to prison island of Hyogo. His infant son, Prince Airyn disappears from his cradle. A chain of events is set in motion that will pit brother against brother, friend against friend, parents against children as Brandan and Joachim struggle for control of their sanity and their very lives.
With Brandan declared dead and his son missing Joachim sinks into despair and anger, where those close to him fear he may never return.
Is Brandan really dead and if he is, who is manipulating the Mantion and enemies of Crato?
Can Maeve save her country and her husband from the tentacles of evil pervading the land?
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Author Bio:
Christina Weigand’s a writer, wife, and mother of three grown children and a teenage daughter. She is also Nana to three granddaughters. She lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Pennsylvania. Currently, she’s working on fantasy novels and inspirational writing. Through her writing, she strives to share the Word of God and help people to realize the love and mercy He has for everyone.

When she’s not writing, she’s lectors at her Church and volunteers to help young people develop a love for reading and writing. Jesus fills her home with love as she shares Him through her writing.  


  1. Time sure goes by fast. It seems like just a short time ago the books came out. Congratulations to you Chris. Great interview.

  2. Congrats to Christina. I'm pleased to meet her and learn about her work.


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