Three Times A Charm with Ann T. Bugg

Welcome to my feature, Three Times A Charm. I love to introduce readers to people involved in children’s publishing. Today we June Kramin with us. Younger readers will know her as Ann T. Bugg. June, can you share a little about yourself, please?

Ann T. Bugg is my pen name. I write women’s fiction under my name, June Kramin, and didn’t want to confuse the two genres. My nieces & nephews as well as my friends’ children have always called me Auntie Bug, so I adapted a variation of that. I’m the self-proclaimed Queen of my castle in northern Minnesota, where I live with my Knight in shining armor (who has come to my rescue more than once) and my own little Princess Valerie, who inspired me to write these tales.

Very cute story behind your pen name. Can we hear more about your children’s books?

My middle grade series is titled Before Happily Ever After. They are familiar fairy tales & folklore with a fun and exciting twist that only Valerie & Samantha can deliver. Each book brings you further into the lives of the unlikely best friends, who could not be more opposite, but each book can stand alone.  If you’d like a fun, new twist on a King Arthur tale, pick up book #3. Want a great twist on Jack and the Beanstalk, #5 is for you. Intrigued by the legend of El Dorado? Give #6 a whirl & find what really makes you rich. My daughter was the inspiration for the character of Valerie, as well as my cover artist. Check them out to see where the tale will take you. You CAN judge a book by its cover. [At signings, I love the shouts of “Rapunzel!” when I hold this book up and ask the children who this book is about.]

I’m a series freak & always have to start at #1. I meet a lot of people who feel the same way. #1 is usually their favorite. Personally, I love #2 and on when they really have to “get their hands dirty” and solve puzzling riddles and such to complete their tasks. #7 is my favorite cover (people have said it looks like a photograph) as well as my favorite story. It was the most complex of all and really put them through their paces (as well as me). It was inspired by and based at the Science Museum in St Paul, MN, where we frequented.

Now it’s time for the threes. Give us your top three answers to the following:

Top 3 tools of the trade you couldn’t live without.

1) My laptop. I can’t even read my own writing. Heaven forbid I have to make a note when I’m not booted up!

My next 2 aren’t really tools, but without them, these books would not have been written!

2) My understanding family! Sometime you’re on a roll & just need to excuse yourself. I’ve bought their love with a Wii many years ago…don’t judge. We do what we have to! ;)

3) The two girls that inspired me. Every writer should be as lucky as I am to have real people to base their books on! Every silly little ditty they’ve done has made its way into my stories. I can’t wait for their children to read these books!

Top 3 favorite ways to interact with readers.

1)      I love Q & A. I’m an open book (excuse the pun) when it comes to anything about me. Go ahead, embarrass me. I’ve learned from my mistakes. Some of them were too much fun to only do once. I share pointers. ;)

2)      Getting fan mail is the best feeling ever! I’ll always write back.

3) Last but not least, signings of course! I love talking to tiny humans who think writers are awesome. (Psst… they’re right. ;) )

Top 3 favorite places.

1)      Disney. Land or World, take your pick. I’m still in awe of everything princess & castles and would go in a heartbeat with anyone at any time if I could.

2) Kihei, Maui. No matter how many times we’ve moved or where we’ve been, that’s home to me.

3) In hubby’s car. Before you give me that O.o look, we do a lot of road trips. We’ve driven from CA to FL, from FL to MN and back via PA (‘cause it’s on the way, y’know) MN to AZ as well as TX. I love road tripping! We usually go to see family. That’s the best reward of all! Someday I’d love to make my rounds through Europe.

Okay, June, where can our readers find you online?

Thanks for having me, Kai!

Thank you, June for visiting with us!


  1. Not believing you on the road trip thing, June! LOL! Great 3 picks! Love your covers too! And I agree - having an understanding and supportive family is gold! Hugs and best wishes for bestsellers!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I knew you'd pop in. :) What? You don't think I'll show up on your doorstep someday? :D


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