Best & Worst of What I Read in 2014

Last week I posted one reason why it is important for writers to read a lot. So this week I thought I'd recap my 2014 reads.

According to my Goodreads shelf "Read in 2014" I read 105 books last year. I've been able to read more titles each year and I attribute that to my changing reading habits. Well, that and a bit of obsession. I do read a lot, but now you'll also often find me with my earbuds shoved in my ears and an audiobook playing. I really think that expanding the audiobook habit to when I'm cooking, driving (I play it through my stereo, I don't wear earbuds while driving - that's dangerous!), exercising has helped me add many more books to my completed shelf.

I'm not to fond of talking ill of books. Every book has an audience. I'm including these books on my worst list because I didn't enjoy them. Maybe it was the characterization. Perhaps the story was flat or difficult to follow. Whatever the reasons, they are my reasons and might not be your reasons. So if the blurb of a book intrigues you, you should always give the book a chance.

It is always hard for me to pick favorites. Today I might love a romance best of all, but tomorrow I could switch to a dystopian. So I'll share the standout books. The ones that I have overly fond memories of or that make me smile, or my stomach flip when I see the cover again.

There were books that surprised me by how much I enjoyed them. 

And finally, though young adult still makes up the bulk of what I read, I added more variety last year. Books written for adults, new adult, graphic novels, books on the craft and business of writing,etc. Here were some of my faves.

You can browse all 105 titles I read last year on my Goodreads shelf: Read in 2014

Have you read any of the books I highlighted? What were some of your standout books last year?


  1. That is a lot of reading. I only read 55 books. None of the ones you mentioned. I've ordered a CD player so I can listen to audio books too. Trying to save my poor eyes. Also, I've nominated you for an award. You can pick it up at my blog.
    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks for the nom, Bev! So sweet of you. I love to listen to audio books whenever possible. I seems like I'm always staring at this screen and it's nice to get some downtime, but still be lost in a fictional world.


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