Three Times A Charm with Jax Spenser

Today on Three Times A Charm we welcome author, Jax Spenser. I love introducing my readers to the people who work in children’s publishing.

Great of you to join us, Jax. Can you tell us a little about yourself, please?

Greetings, Earthlings! Prepare to be conquered! Okay, I’m kidding… mostly. I’m author Jax Spenser and I’ve been working in the story biz for quite a while. First as a creator of excuses back when I was a youngin’ and then most recently as creative exec (an awful term, it’s very close to being an oxymoron) in Hollywood. I’ve spent years developing my stories and enjoyed quality time in Southern Florida with a phenomonal group of writers discovering and honing my craft. Many of those people have moved on to successful careers as authors and I’m proud to be associated with them. I absolutely love reading but feel I must be one of the worst readers on the planet, not for any illiteracy reason, but because I have the focus of a sand gnat (which, I pronounce gah-nat) at high tide. My reads of choice: scifi, horror, and any good YA read I’ll endeavor to apply my gah-nat attention. I also love working with kids as a track coach, hurdles being my speciality. Coaching is time well-spent as it always has some incredible life lesson for not only the kids, but myself—“finish strong!” and “don’t forget to breath!” You know what I’m saying? Anywho, I’m so excited that my stories are finally invading readers everywhere. Please check out my blog and subscribe to my newsletter at for updates and scoops!

Tell us more about your book.

I friggin’ love this world that’s being created in The HIDE Series (Something Else Publishing)! HIDE is about a sixteen year old boy, Keegan Roe, who barely escapes with his father from an assualt by his abusive mother and that escape somehow transports them to the very creepy town of Sedonia Falls, Arizona. Keegan appears to do a 180 as everything changes in his world; he goes from zero to hero in a matter of days. One day he’s in the lower depths as a social outcast and the next he’s feeling altitude sickness because of his new status along side the most popular girl in school. But all the while Keegan becomes more aware that something terrible lies beneath the perfect life he’s now taken on. A ray of hope arrives in the form of the very cute Lizzy Bruce, who not only befriends Keegan, but turns out to be the key to his survival, and possibly the planet’s.

Hopefully, it’s obvious to the those paying attention to the cover art that this story, yes, it has humble beginnings but soon it’s escalating to global (planet-sized fun) adventure as the story progresses. I envisioned this as a multi-part series that takes the reader on an epic journey as Keegan begins to realize his true potential.

Help our readers out. What books are most like yours?

Great, love this stuff… only can I do authors? HIDE is the test tube love child of Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and Patrick Ness. If we could actually combine their literary DNA in a laboratory, that is. 

Okay, Jax – now it’s time for the three’s. Please share you top three answers to the following questions so we can get to know you a little better.

  • Top 3 books you recommend reading and why you recommend them.

1)      The War of Art is necessary for any person looking to raise themselves to a professional status no matter what your passion.
2)      Salem’s Lot, because it’s the first book that scared the Battlestar Galactica footsy pajamas off of me. It’s a genuine scare no matter what your age.
3)      And Acting, The First Six Lessons for the reason that it was the first book that spoke to me not just on the level of acting but on a philosophical level, opening my eyes to a world view of how my art can feed my life and vice versa.

  • Top 3 skills to hone for people just starting in your business.

1)      Know your story. I’ve learned from experience that it’s not good enough to just start writing. Backstory, hard work, and praying to the gods of Planning are the keys to fully realized plots and characters. I’ve learned numerous lessons on this topic.
2)      Learn how to tell your story. Practice, critique, make MISTAKES, revision, and more practice are the only things that make you a better writer.
3)      Tell your story to someone. It’s not a story, if you’re not trying to get it out to an audience to read—seriously, if you’re keeping it in a drawer, isn’t it just a journal entry?

  • Top 3 leisure activities.

1)      Watch film or TV serials. I am a multi-medium writer (that includes writing specs for TV and film) and since we now live in the world of full seasons of You-Name-It on Apple TV, On Demand pay channels, Amazon Instant Video, ITunes Store, etc. where the full monty can be ingested in a matter of days and weeks, I’m in Heaven. Yes, I might be a content addict.
2)      Reading. Say no more. Except this: it appears this activity occurs only at night when I’m least awake and mentally aware. Example, I may have read the first page of Game of Thrones about 207 times because of dozing off.
3)      Writing. It’s a bit like comfort food for me: it doesn’t mean that what I’m writing has literary merit, it just means it makes me feel good.

We live in a tech savvy world. Where can our readers find you online?

@jaxspenser Twitter and Instagram

Thanks for joining us on this week’s Three Times A Charm, Jax! Best of luck to you and and your writing.


GUESTS WELCOME!  I am always looking for guests for Three Times A Charm. If you are an author, illustrator or book reviewer, an agent or an editor. If you have something related to children’s publishing that you’d like people to know about, feel free to contact me about a future appearance.


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