Star of the Team by Beverly Stowe McClure

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I'm posting a rare review today for a spirited middle grade book by Beverly Stowe McClure. Beverly is a valued critique partner of mine, but this book made it into the world without me seeing it first. I've been SO excited to read it. Beverly is such an inspiration to me and I love her quiet and kind writing style. She says so much through her characters while you (the reader) grin like a loon—not even aware of the fact that you've learned an important lesson. 

My review:

Star of the Team by Beverly Stowe McClure has many of my favorite middle grade elements. Our main character, Kate, is a perky and likeable kid, who loves to play basketball. New girl, Emily, joins their team and her gloating attitude rubs Kate the wrong way. When Kate is injured and can’t play, she worries that Emily will out score her and earn the Star of the Team honor.

I enjoyed the genuine dynamics among the kids and with the adults. Kate works hard to solve her problem—often with humorous results—while also accepting her new place on the team. She might not like being the assistant's assistant, but she does it to stay involved. But I think what I liked the most was her genuine love of basketball. It seems strange in this enlightened age we live in that I am saying this, but it’s so nice to see a book about girls playing sports and taking it seriously.

Star of the Team is a well-written book that models good behavior in undesired circumstances, and demonstrates how a person can gain more by redefining their goals.

About the book:

A girl.
A dream.
An accident.
A dream shattered.

Eleven-year-old Kate Taylor dreams of being the star of her basketball team, Angels. When Kate’s tooth is knocked out at one of the games and her mother, who is also her coach, says she can’t play until the tooth the dentist replants heals, Kate’s dreams are in jeopardy. Add Emily, the new girl at school who claims she’s the best, and Kate faces a challenge to prove that she is the star.

Will Kate succeed? Or will Emily ruin Kate’s plans?

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Beverly Stowe McClure:

Most of the time, you’ll find Beverly in front of her computer, writing the stories little voices whisper in her ear. When she’s not writing, she takes long walks and snaps pictures of clouds, wild flowers, birds and deer. To some of her friends, she is affectionately known as the “Bug Lady” because she rescues butterflies, moths, walking sticks, and praying mantis from her cats.
For twenty-two years Beverly taught children in grades two through five how to read and write. They taught her patience. Now, she teaches a women’s Sunday school class at her church. To relax she plays the piano. Her cats don’t appreciate good music and run and hide when she tickles the ivories.

 Best of luck to Beverly and Star of the Team!


  1. Thank you, Kai, dear crit partner who catches all my goofs and your great comments and suggestions. Thank you for a lovely review. It touched my heart in a wonderful way. I'm so happy you like Kate and her story. The book took many years to find publication, years before I had such wonderful critique help. Just shows, never give up. You are an inspiration to me with the number and quality of books you write every year. I'm anxious to see what Polar and Source learn in your latest, which I am reading, lest you think I've forgotten. I'm just slow. :)

    1. You're so welcome, Beverly. I'm happy for you that Kate's story has been launched!

      I didn't think you'd forgotten my super villains. You've been a bit busy! And yay for that!! Besides it hasn't been that long.

  2. Replies
    1. It really is, Heather. I also enjoyed all the basketball knowledge. I'm only familiar with the sport. Bev is obviously a fan. Or she did a lot of research.

    2. Thanks, Heather. It was fun to write.

    3. I'll tell you a secret, Kai. Shh, but I know nothing about basketball. It's okay, but not my favorite sport. I did a lot of research and my editor knew a lot about basketball and corrected what I had wrong. :)

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