Writer's Bluck

Yes, that is a u instead of an o. Yes, I am suffering from writer’s bluck.

Writer’s bluck is a condition every author suffers from at some point (or many points) in his or her career. It is the point when she questions, “Is this worth it?” “Is anyone listening?” and “I wonder if Shopko is hiring?”

I’ve actually been in this funk for a while now. Hoping and praying it would pass. I have tried to dress up my current wip (work in progress) in spandex and a cape hoping I would be more inspired to add words every day. I have set goals like: When the fifth blogger agrees to read & review your book, you get frozen yogurt. I have even gone so far as to make a mock up of my next Super Villain Academy novel with ME as the cover model.

Look I'm a super hero
or is it villain?!
(Full wrap version)

Nothing has helped to breakthrough the bluck. Sometimes admitting you have the problem is the first step toward recovery. Meanwhile, I'm wondering, do you have any suggestions on any home remedies I might try? The funnier and more outrageous, the better!


  1. Hi, Kai. I hope your writer's bluck passes soon. I don't have any suggestions as I haven't done any writing in awhile.

    1. Thank you, Susanne! I appreciate the well wishes.


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