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Welcome to my new feature all about author favorites. One thing I really love about the internet is the access it gives us to authors. Heck, I’m a fangirl and I’m not afraid to admit it, and I LOVE to be able to help readers get to know their favorite authors as well as discover new ones.

When I put the call out to authors to answer my ‘Favorites’ questions, I didn’t expect for my to-read list to grow so fast. Grab a pen and paper, or log onto Goodreads, because more than likely you’ll find a title or two to add to your very own list. Please visit the authors’ websites and browse their work. Be sure to come back weekly to learn more about many awesome authors!

I asked authors to share with us some of their favorite contemporary fiction novels.

Well Spring Novels by James L. Rubert. Adult Christian fiction.  This is a powerful series of Christians fighting the evils of the world. Christina Weigand (Chistina writes Christian Fantasy fiction for kids and teens.)

I love contemporary novels, especially romance, and there are so many to choose from. Can I say my novels? Because I love to read, but I write what I love to read and I’ve read mine (for editing purposes) more than I’ve read any others on the planet. Angela Smith (Angela writes romance novels that attempt to solve love’s mystery, where happy-ever-afters are a given and characters seek adventure.) 

Hmmm…this sits on the fence between contempory and historical, but I loved At Play in the Fields of the Lord by Peter Matthiessen. It’s an adult novel set in the rainforest of South America. Everything from language to setting to character to plot is so close to perfect. Shel Delisle (Shel writes lighter fiction for teens. She has also written under the pen name M.E. Wynne.) 

I also asked authors their favorite book world.

The Devil Take You (HK Carlton) because it is an amazing piece of historical fiction I want to run away with time and time again. Mary Waibel (Mary writes fantasy and fairytale-type fiction for teens) 

Pandora from Avatar by Stephen Charles Gould. I would love to live in a world like that with a perfectly lithe body, complete with any color skin (in this case blue) and long tail. I like that everything on Pandora is connected through energy and everyone respects and appreciates all life. How often do you get to cry when a tree is destroyed? Ruth Colter (Ruth writes lite sci-fi suspense fiction with strong female characters.) 

I could EASILY spend my days in twisted town of Moonlight Bay (Dean Koontz’s Fear Nothing and Seize the Night) where animals have been scientifically modified to be super smart and a creepy military research base begs to be explored. Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson world, would be another place I’d LOVE to spend my time. Who wouldn’t want to be the son of a deity and go on grand adventures? Deek Rhew (Deek is an adult thriller author.) 

Now let’s hear from you! What are your favorite contemporaries and book worlds and why?


  1. Ooh, so many books that are new to me. :)

    1. I know, me too. It's like the ultimate book recommendation to have an author say, "I loved...because..."


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