Making a Video - There's an App For That

The responsibility of a book's promotion lies with the author. Even an author who has a publisher that promotes or a huge following of readers who automatically buy every newly released book, has to keep their finger on the pulse of their book's success and step in when sales flag.

Because of that, we often search for new ways to spread the word. That is exactly what I did when considering how I wanted to approach promotion for POLAR OPPOSITES, book 2 in my Super Villain Academy series. I collected votes about supers and super powers before my book signing for King of Bad. I wanted to collect more votes through my website for the second book, but knew I would have to do something to drive people to my site. I got a new tablet for Christmas and that gave me the idea to take my promotion to the streets and record an interview series that I could post through YouTube. But I knew nothing about making videos.

Turns out there is an app for that (thank goodness!). My tablet has Windows 8. I found an app by Magix called Movie Edit Touch. It makes the editing part of a video possible for a novice like myself. Once I knew I'd be able to produce something close to what I envisioned, I sought out guinea pigs. Readers with opinions about super heroes and super villains.

Getting in front of the camera isn't always easy. I truly appreciate each person who I interviewed. Please know that I cringed over my geekery continually with each and every video I edited.

There were bloopers:

There were sound checks:

And still there were videos that came together more successfully than others. But I enjoyed the process of learning something new. I LOVED being able to talk with people about supers. And I had lots and lots of fun.

Special thanks to my son who played cameraman for most of the video shoots. You gots skills!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Like me, you'll meet some great people over the next couple of weeks--like these girls--and hear what they think about supers and their powers.

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  1. Now you're reminding me that I have to upload some more videos to YouTube. :)


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