June 27, 2014

Free! Worth the Effort: Ella's Story (Spread the Word)

As part of the 90 day exclusive Amazon listing of Worth the Effort: Ella's Story, I get to offer it for free. 

I want people to TALK about Ella's Story, so I am offering it for free today and tomorrow! June 27 and 28, 2014.

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Book of Dreams by Sylvie Michaud

Today, thanks to Pump Up Your Book, I'm shining a spotlight on Book of Dreams by Sylvie Michaud. Thanks for letting me share your book with my readers, Sylvie! 

Title:  Book of Dreams
Author: Sylvie Michaud
Genre: Children’s bedtime stories
Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Crafty Canuck, Inc. (March 28, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9782955-8-5 (Print Soft Cover)
Kindle: B00BTPBX0Q

About the book:
Book of Dreams sees Baby Raccoon’s parents use clouds to share their dreams of a better future. In the story, Mama and Papa use clouds to share their dreams about a healthy planet and vibrant future for Baby Ringtail. In the book, Baby Ringtail asks Mama and Papa, “Why is every cloud a different shape?” “Clouds are pictures in the sky that help us dream,” Mama Ringtail replies.

Purchase at:

About the author:
Sylvie Michaud is a North Vancouver, BC based writer and graphic designer. After years as a writer, editor and designer for The Canadian Red Cross Society newsletter, “The Responder”, Sylvie has gone on to write for several other groups & magazines including Pacific Yachting, GardenWise and the North Shore’s own Lynn Valley Literary anthology, “Wintertide.”

In 2011, Sylvie won the Lynn Valley Literary Society’s short story contest for “Fire and Fortune.”

In addition to her literary background, Sylvie is the ower of Blackbarn Crafts where she designs, produces and sells handmade crafts for crafts shows and other online venues.

Learn more about Sylvie Michaud and the Ringtail Family collection at www.craftycanuck.com and http://shop.craftycanuck.com/

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June 18, 2014

Three Times A Charm with Krysten Lindsay Hager

Welcome to Three Times A Charm. I love introducing my readers to new authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the children’s publishing industry.

Today’s guest is author, Krysten Lindsay Hager. Thanks for joining us, Krysten. Please tell us a little about you.

I'm a writer and an obsessive reader and I absolutely love bookstores. I get more excited when an author I love, "friends" me or follows me on a social media site now than I did when I got asked for my phone number by a cute guy back in high school. I've worked as a journalist and humor writer, and I also write middle grade, YA, and adult fiction. I’m originally from Michigan and I’ve lived in South Dakota, Portugal, and Southern Ohio. My debut novel, TRUE COLORS, is from Astraea Press.

Congratulations on the release of your book! (Throws confetti!) Tell us about it, please.

My first novel, True Colors, is about Landry Albright, an eighth grader who enters a modeling competition with her two best friends, but she runs into jealousy when she advances to the next level without them. She finds out another girl from school, the super gorgeous Devon, also made the first cut of the modeling contest. Devon seems like the perfect new best friend, but their friendship is tested when the girls go to the next level of competition. Landry also has to deal with jealousy and loyalty issues, meeting a high school boy who seems interested in her, plus handling insults from hair stylists on modeling shoot sets.

I would recommend my book to readers who like Cathy Hopkins’ Mates Dates series, which also deals with teen friendships and loyalty. Judy Blume’s Just As Long As We’re Together (one of my favorites of all time). Also, the Lauren Myracle’s The Winnie Years series, which shows Winnie growing up.

You can get your copy of True Colors from:

Now, for the Threes. Share with us your top 3’s to help us know you a little better.

•              Top 3 professions you wanted to be when you grew up.

As a kid, I loved all the sitcoms that were set in newsrooms. I had a little plastic typewriter that I set up on a desk and pretended to be a journalist. My first intern job was in a TV news station, but it was nowhere near as interesting or fun as it looked on TV.

I always liked making up stories when I was growing up and one of my favorite things to do was finish off cliffhangers on soap operas with my Barbie dolls. If I didn’t like the way the soap writers handled the storyline, I’d change it and play it out how I wanted it to end. Naturally, my characters, Landry and Ashanti, are obsessed with soap operas, too.

Like my characters Landry, Ericka, and Devon, I also was into modeling. I did a little modeling myself and grew up during the time of the supermodels. Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, and Cindy Crawford were my favorite models. You can see a little of Christy and Cindy’s influence (both being smart and business women as well as just pretty on the outside) in Landry’s favorite model, Talisa Milan. I hate to admit this, but I’m still a sucker for a supermodel in an ad. My glasses? Yeah, picked them after I saw Helena wearing them in an ad and same goes for Christy Turlington doing Calvin Klein ads. I see her in an outfit and it’s like—sold!! Take my money!!!

·         Top 3 favorite places:

I grew up in Michigan and one of my favorite places to go is Saugatuck, MI, which is a beach town near Lake Michigan. I love all the art shops and cute clothing places there. I’m working on a story set in both Saugatuck and Grand Haven (another beach town nearby).

New York City is high on my list because I love the excitement of the city—and the shopping and art museums!

Another favorite is Detroit, MI. I was just there for a visit and there is no place like Detroit and all the suburbs. I love going to games there, the great shopping, going to the art museum, and the amazing park (Belle Isle). I get so homesick when I’m away too long.

•              Top 3 most admired people and why you admire them.

When I was a kid, one of the people I admired was a basketball player named Bill Laimbeer who played for the Pistons. He was one of the “Bad Boys,” and got booed a lot by the other teams’ fans, but what I admired about him was that he didn’t care about that. He just went on the court each night, played his best. I was an insecure kid who needed to see someone successful who didn’t waste time worrying about what other people were saying about them. I had a basketball card of his as a kid and later, in college, I got a chance to meet him. I was so nervous, but I had to tell him what an impact he made on me. I remember him breaking into a big smile. Oh yeah, and he signed my basketball card!

One of the people I currently admire is Demi Lovato because it’s hard to share your personal life stories with people—particularly the painful ones and the one that might get us judged. I admire Demi for sharing her personal struggles with her fans.

I also admire rapper Jon Connor because I’m crazy about anyone who has a lot of passion for what they do and you can see he truly does. He does a lot of tribute albums of rappers he admires and I love that he often shares his music for free so he can reach more people with his art. It’s inspiring seeing people with such passion and respect for their field. I’ve been following his career for a while (he’s from Flint, Michigan, and I’m from the Flint area) and it’s so great to see him promote Flint in a positive light.

Aw! Those are all very admirable reasons for admiring people. Now, where can our tech savvy readers find more about you and your books?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KrystenLindsay @KrystenLindsay

Thanks for joining us on this week’s Three Times A Charm, Sandra. Best of luck to you and True Colors.


GUESTS WELCOME!  I am always looking for guests for Three Times A Charm. If you are an author, illustrator or book reviewer, an agent or an editor. If you have something related to children’s publishing that you’d like people to know about, feel free to contact me about a future appearance.

June 13, 2014

Building Character with Grace Wells from Unstoppable

It’s Friday! Time for my blog feature, Building Character in which you get to meet characters from a book. Talking to a character outside of their book is fun! Huge. Amounts. Of fun. 

This week Strands of Thought plays host to the shy, but strong main character from Unstoppable by SR Johannes. Unstoppable is book three in the Nature of Grace series. If you like the greater outdoors and/or action and adventure – the Grace series is for you.

Welcome, Grace. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself, please?

I am Grace Wells. I love nature and animals. Probably because they are easier to mingle with than people. I'm not real great with people. I grew up in the North Carolina woods - my whole life - and there aren't many people there.

And when there are, it's not always a good thing.

Tell us about your best friend.

Well, this is kind of easy because I only have 2 friends and one of them I kiss whenever I can. 

Now that’s interesting! Go on.

Wyn is my best friend. Though we don't always agree...actuallly we rarely agree...but he's known me since we were little. We grew up together. Like Tarzan and Jane. Only my Tarzan prefers fancy clothes and cologne over the loin cloth any day. He probably looks better in clothes anyway. (not that I would know.) The problem with me and Wyn is that we dated for sometime so even though we are close, there always seems to be something a little off - and awkward - between us. To be honest (and do not tell him I said this or I will deny it to the ends of Earth) I adore Wyn. He makes me laugh, which I need or I'm afraid I would go legally crazy.

Mo - he is in a whole category all on his own. (am I right girls? :) He's the closest person to me. Which I love and hate at the same time. Mo knows me and he gets me - even my annoying parts don't bother him in the least. This is good and bad. Bad because I can't seem to hide anything from him. Good because I need him to keep me grounded. Around Mo I feel like a normal teen. Not a teen being chased by some madman or who's lost people. Alot of people that I care about.

Mo is everything and more. Gosh that sounds way too sappy. Don't tell him I said that. It will blow my "cool under pressure" image that I often fail to uphold :) I love that guy wholly.

Is there anything about you that people are always giving you a hard time about? How do you feel about it?

I know many people feel I am irratically impulsive. Unfortunately they are right. Sometimes I feel like I can handle anything. But most of the time, when I let my emotions take over (which they do frequently, it's like they have a mind of their own) I don't always choose the smart - or right thing. My dad used to say my heart is bigger than my brain. I guess that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I used to have type A emotions, too. It was hard. Your head tells you to stop crying/laughing/yelling, but your emotions overrule! On the lighter side, what are your three favorite foods?

Finally an easy question. Moon Pies (any flavor), Cheetoes and Birdie's cooking.

If you could change one thing in this world, what would you change?

Not that I want to preach but I feel strongly about nature. I would help people stop and think about how we treat animals. To investigate zoos, circuses, or any animal entertainment and make sure they are doing what they say they are doing for conservation. Some of those places are just money-making machines that will capture animals in the wild and treat them horribly behind the scenes - just to make a buck. I hate that we - as people - choose to look away often and brush it off as entertainment for us and kids.

I'm not against hunting (legally) and I'm not a vegetarian. But I do believe we don't treat animals with respect. To be honest, we don't treat the Earth as a whole with much respect or care either. Whether it's littering, not recycling, or giving our money to animal entertainment without doing the proper research to make sure it is reputable and really does right by the animal population.

Love the Earth. Love animals. Love nature. Without those things, we are dead.

Well said, Grace. Thanks so much for joining us today! It was great to get to know you. Readers, here is more information about Grace’s book Unstoppable:

After everything that has happened, Grace moves to the Everglades to live with her grandmother, Birdee, and hang out with old man Rex, Birdee's "friend with benefits". Grace quickly befriends Dylan, Rex's nephew, and Dylan's girlfriend, Sadie, who is a die-hard teen activist. Sadie spends her time leading protests against the roadside zoos that run rampant in Florida with a total disregard for animals or the flimsy law.

One day while out in the marshes of the Everglades, Grace and her friends rescue an abused—and endangered—Florida panther. She and Birdee spend time rehabilitating the animal. But when the panther runs off, Grace follows it toUncle Bob's, a large roadside zoo they all have been protesting. One that is illegally filled with a variety of endangered and exotic animals. Before she can rescue the panther, she and her friends are kidnapped by the ruthless owner and dragged deep into the Everglades for a hunting challenge.

Only this time, Grace is the prey.

During a sick game of cat and mouse, Grace and her friends are offered one chance at survival, but only if they reach civilization before being caught. With a small head start and very little supplies, only time and skill stand between the hunter and the hunted. But out in the Everglades, there may be more dangers than Grace realizes.

Against all odds, Grace must make it out alive and win, or everything she holds dear could be lost.

And here is the 411 on Grace’s author:

S.R. Johannes is the award-winning author of the Amazon bestselling thriller series, the Nature of Grace (Untraceable and Uncontrollable). Unstoppable (book 3) is scheduled for May/June 2014. S.R. Johannes is currently repped by Lara Perkins at ABLA. For foreign rights on the Nature of Grace series, contact Jennifer Custer at AM Heath (London). 

S.R. Johannes is the YA advisor of ALLi and a winner of the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Awards (Young Adult category) as well as a Silver medalist (2nd place) in the IPPY awards for YA Fiction. She was also nominated for 2012 Georgia Author of the Year (Young Adult category), a Finalist in The Kindle Book Review’s Best Young Adult of 2012, and a YA Finalist in the US Book News Best Book of 2012. 

After earning an MBA and working in corporate America doing marketing for over 15 years (Spanx and Good hair Products were my fav because of the perks :), S.R. Johannes traded in her expensive suits, high heels, and corporate lingo for a family, flip-flops, and her love of writing. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her dog, English-accented husband, and the huge imaginations of their little prince and princess, which she hopes- someday- will change the world. 

Contact info/Social Media

June 9, 2014

Review of The Mystery Prince by Mary Waibel

Today is the release day for a new novella by Mary Waibel. I don't do reviews very often, because I'm not very good at them, but Mary's stories are worth a shout out. Full disclosure, Mary is one of my fabulous critique partners. Her input on my work in invaluable and I LOVE being able to see her work before the world does. I'm a true fan of her writing and blessed to call her friend.

Congratulations Mary on your newest book!

The Mystery Prince by Mary Waibel

Princess Zoe must find a prince to marry. Instead of an arranged marriage her father has agreed to allow her time to find someone she might possibly love. The eligible princes are invited to a masquerade ball in order for her to meet each of them.

Prince Rand is ill and his father sends Rand’s guard, Tristan, in his place. Tristan and Rand grew up together and even look alike. I loved this aspect of the story, because I have a life long friend myself and, yes, we look alike and are always mistaken for sisters.

Tristan and Zoe feel an immediate connection with each other. Though Tristan is there to secure Rand’s place at Zoe’s side, once his feelings surface he realizes he doesn’t want to do that and he leaves her without sharing his name, or Rand’s. Instead he leaves her with a memento – a navigation device. 

Determined to find the man who gave her the device, she sets out on a journey that reunites her with not only her mystery prince, but also Prince Rand. Faced with the look alike men, she isn’t certain which one was the masked gentleman she met at the dance.

I don’t want to tell you more and ruin the fun. The Mystery Prince wove together some of my favorite story aspects, discovery and a journey. Mary Waibel is very good at creating heart-fluttering moments. If you like a sweet romance, this is a good one for you. A fun read for fans of royals and romance.

The Mystery Prince is available on Amazon for only $0.99. Add it on Goodreads.

June 4, 2014

Three Times A Charm with Sandra Bennett

Welcome to Three Times A Charm. I love introducing my readers to new authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the children’s publishing industry.

Today’s guest is author, Sandra Bennett. Thanks for joining us, Sandra. Please tell us a little about you.

I am a self-confessed book-a-holic who can’t walk passed a book shop without diving in to purchase just one more book, even though my shelves at home are already jam packed. At school I was the one who always had my nose in a book, this continued into my teaching career which came naturally along with my love for literacy. I became a Primary School teacher in my early twenties and juggled teaching with raising my three boys for close on 25 years. I have taught in Sydney, on the Central Coast of NSW, overseas in Thailand and lastly in our nation’s capital, Canberra. I have had experience from Pre-school through to Year 6 and in the early years even taught in a few high schools. Some of my favourite experiences were the years teaching kindergarten, ESL and Literacy Assistance as I have always loved helping children learn to read. After school I have tutored reading and English in general as well as been a soccer mum, and a boy scouts leader. It seemed a natural progression to continue helping readers by finally fulfilling my life-long dream of writing books for young children. This includes early and reluctant readers as I strive to support and create a new generation of readers.

Along with my Primary School teaching Degree, I also have a Graduate Diploma in ESL/LOTE, Certificates 1 and 2 in Indonesian, and a Diploma in Children’s Writing. For those unsure of the acronyms, ESL is (teaching English as a Second Language) and LOTE is (teaching Languages Other Than English). In my case I trained to teach Indonesian. I specifically chose this language as Indonesia is our closest neighbour and felt our children are more likely to travel to Indonesia or have business encounters with them throughout their lifetimes. Funnily enough though, I was once asked to teach Spanish for a term when the Spanish teacher was off sick. It was rather tricky trying to keep one step ahead of the kids each week as we muddled our way through learning another language. It is amazing how adaptable you can learn to be when required.

I have now settled into a more tranquil life in the country where I am able to concentrate most days on my writing. Here I am inspired by the abundance of nature that surrounds our piece of heaven on earth. I have Blue Fairy Wrens nesting in my native garden just outside my kitchen window. They delight me in being able to say that I have “fairies at the bottom of my garden.” The Eastern Rosellas also provide so much brilliant colour it is like having a rainbow in the garden every day. Kangaroos graze in our paddocks most mornings and evenings. They are amusing to watch, especially when the joeys begin to explore their new found freedom out of the pouch or a couple of males box for the attention of a female. Sometimes when we take our dog for a walk we find an echidna or wombat hiding under a fallen log. There is always something to see, a new experience to be had and another idea to turn into a story. In fact I have two such stories with an illustrator at the moment, I am eagerly waiting to see what she does with them.

What an idyllic picture you paint. I imagine watching the kangaroos and the joeys is much like my neighborhood herd of does and their fawns. Now, can you tell us about your book.

Gingerbread Aliens is the first book in my planned series of five easy to read short chapter children’s books for early and reluctant readers. The series follows the Bradberrie brothers along their Alien adventure through much mischief and mayhem. Laughter and science are mixed with a dose of imagination as the reader finds they are unable to resist the cliffhanger at the end of each chapter. We first meet the three boys busily cooking gingerbread for their school fete and soon come to realize havoc and turmoil is in abundance after the ingredients are accidentally mixed up with those for green slime. Before you know it the nosy next door neighbour, Mrs Witherbottom, becomes involved, inevitably and unwillingly so does school Principal Penwright and the brothers find themselves in a series of unfathomable events that rapidly run on a course out of control.

All the books in the series deal with issues of sibling rivalry, self-esteem, co-operation and problem solving. I use science experiments to evoke imagination and learning even though a certain amount of stretching the imagination is definitely also needed. It is all written with a huge amount of humour to keep the kids as well as mums and dads turning the pages. Alien Shenanigans is book 2, I hope to have released very soon. The final touches on the illustrations are being completed now. I have almost finished writing Book 3, Brussels Sprouts and Alien Brains, so hope it won’t be too far behind book 2.

Last year Gingerbread Aliens had the amazing honour of being selected for use at the 2013 Australian National Eisteddfod. A passage from the book was chosen for children to read in the under 10 Championship section of Speech and Drama. It was a wonderful opportunity to watch children read aloud my words on stage and observe their reactions as they read the lines for the first time.

I write a weekly blog on my website where any updates on these releases will be available. I also write advice for parents with reluctant readers, review recently read books and link posts to author interviews.

I recommend my book to readers who like:

The Witches – Roald Dahl - Some may say it is too scary, evil, and nasty but in essence I haven’t read it to a 4th grade class that hasn’t loved it! They all laugh and can’t wait for the next installment each day. Dahl is witty and disgusting at the same time, he has a perfect formula for a 9-10 year old child to enjoy. Matilda, The BFG, any of Dahl’s books will do. If you like Roald Dahl’s humour, you might like the humour in the turn of events that happen to my character nosy old Mrs Witherbottom from next door.

Gibblewart the Gobblin – The Summer Holiday Collection. Victor Kelleher, Stephen Michael King –A delightfully fun and creative way to learn a little bit about Australia and our wildlife as the cranky little Goblin escapes the cold, wet , miserable climate of Ireland for a delightful warm summer holiday abroad. Discovering some surprising unusual creatures along his adventure make him long for home, he quickly learns to be careful for what he asks for. If you believe in the possibility of goblins perhaps you may also be curious about mischievous brothers and gingerbread aliens, after all, anything is possible with a little imagination.

A Fabumouse School Adventure – Geronimo Stilton Series. There are many bright and colourful stories in this cute mouse adventure series. In this particular episode Geronimo finds himself heading unwillingly back to school evoking all kinds of bad memories. He inevitably finds himself in all kinds of hilarious trouble in his desperate attempt to be the hero. David Bradberrie in Gingerbread Aliens is my reluctant hero who finds himself in a series of comical circumstances around the school he also cannot control.

Now, for the Threes. Share with us your top 3’s to help us know you a little better.

  • Top 3 most admired people and why you admire them.
1. Her Excellency Lady Quentin Bryce, our recently retired Governor General of Australia. A remarkable woman who worked tirelessly for this country with much grace and dignity. I had the honour of meeting her twice on the occasion of two different book launches where she was the guest speaker. Lady Quentin was not only inspirational I also found her heartwarming, caring and giving.

2. I very much admire how J.K. Rowling managed to have a whole generation of both boys and girls eagerly reading anew with each installment of her Harry Potter series. It was so refreshing and different that children everywhere couldn’t get enough of the boy wizard. Silent reading in my classes became a time where so many students were so keen to read. I loved that!

3. My dear friend and colleague, Leonie MacDonald, (she will be embarrassed when she reads this), if it weren’t for Leonie I would probably have never ventured down the path of self-publishing. I admire her tenacity and courage to put her belief in herself and her story out there in the public domain so much that she encouraged me to take the steps forward to stop dreaming and make my stories a reality.

  • Top 3 favorite places.
1. While I have been fortunate in my life to travel extensively around Australia due to my husband’s work, and I have loved all the places we have been and everything we have experienced, when all is said and done there is no place like home. I live on a small 13 acre property only 30 minutes from our nation’s Capital, Canberra, so I have the luxury of all the city amenities at hand while living in the tranquility of the country. Living here inspires me to write every day after I either take our dog for a walk through the bush and listen to all the wonderful bird songs and other sounds of the bush or watch the kangaroos grazing and sometimes boxing in our paddocks.

2. For art and history I can’t go past the amazing architecture of the streets of Paris, France, before exploring the many museums and art galleries that the city has to offer. Although my favourite place in France would have to be Monet’s Garden in Giverny. I spent hours there and still didn’t want to leave.

3. The Ring of Kerry, Ireland is a magical place where I wondered around misty lakes imagining finding fairies and Leprechauns hiding amongst moss covered rocks and ancient tree roots. It is the perfect setting for myths, legends and fairy tales old and new. My imagination couldn’t help but run away with itself here and I can’t wait to go back someday to explore it further.

  • Top 3 personal mantras or inspirational phrases.
1. Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child.

2. Reading to children, even before they can understand words, teaches them to associate books with love and affection.

3. There is no such thing as a child who hates to read, there are only children who have not found the right book. – Frank Serafini

Fabulous advice. Where can our tech savvy readers find more about you and your books?


Thanks for joining us on this week’s Three Times A Charm, Sandra. Best of luck to you and Gingerbread Aliens.


GUESTS WELCOME!  I am always looking for guests for Three Times A Charm. If you are an author, illustrator or book reviewer, an agent or an editor. If you have something related to children’s publishing that you’d like people to know about, feel free to contact me about a future appearance.

June 2, 2014

Making a Video - There's an App For That

The responsibility of a book's promotion lies with the author. Even an author who has a publisher that promotes or a huge following of readers who automatically buy every newly released book, has to keep their finger on the pulse of their book's success and step in when sales flag.

Because of that, we often search for new ways to spread the word. That is exactly what I did when considering how I wanted to approach promotion for POLAR OPPOSITES, book 2 in my Super Villain Academy series. I collected votes about supers and super powers before my book signing for King of Bad. I wanted to collect more votes through my website for the second book, but knew I would have to do something to drive people to my site. I got a new tablet for Christmas and that gave me the idea to take my promotion to the streets and record an interview series that I could post through YouTube. But I knew nothing about making videos.

Turns out there is an app for that (thank goodness!). My tablet has Windows 8. I found an app by Magix called Movie Edit Touch. It makes the editing part of a video possible for a novice like myself. Once I knew I'd be able to produce something close to what I envisioned, I sought out guinea pigs. Readers with opinions about super heroes and super villains.

Getting in front of the camera isn't always easy. I truly appreciate each person who I interviewed. Please know that I cringed over my geekery continually with each and every video I edited.

There were bloopers:

There were sound checks:

And still there were videos that came together more successfully than others. But I enjoyed the process of learning something new. I LOVED being able to talk with people about supers. And I had lots and lots of fun.

Special thanks to my son who played cameraman for most of the video shoots. You gots skills!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Like me, you'll meet some great people over the next couple of weeks--like these girls--and hear what they think about supers and their powers.

Then hop over to my website and share your opinion by filling out the survey on the Weigh-In tab. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you are notified of the book release and add POLAR OPPOSITES to your shelf on Goodreads.