Three Times A Charm with Krystalyn Drown

Welcome to Three Times A Charm. Introducing readers to new authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the children’s publishing industry makes me happy.

Today’s guest is author, Krystalyn Drown. Thanks for joining us, Kriystalyn. Please tell us a little about you.

I spent thirteen years working at Walt Disney World in a variety of roles: entertainer, talent coordinator, and character captain. My degree in theatre as well as many, many hours spent in a dance studio, helped with my job there.

My various other day jobs have included working in zoology at Sea World, as an elementary teacher, and currently as a support technician for a website. In the evenings, I do mad writing challenges with my sister, who is also an author.

I live near Orlando, Florida with my husband, son, a were cat, and a Yorkie with a Napoleon complex.

What a fascinating background. That must feed well into writing fiction. Speaking of, we’d love to hear about your book.

All Riesa Adair wants is a normal life. With the end of high school only months away and an outstanding GPA to bolster her college plans, that doesn't seem like too much to ask. Unfortunately, the voices screaming in her head keep getting in the way. Somewhere between her summer in a mental institution, and her stepfather's attempt at an exorcism, she's learned to keep quiet about her situation. But, pretending to be normal hasn't prevented the spirit world from taking notice of her. Both sides of an ever-present war have focused in on her. Now she’ll need all the help she can get to escape a powerful spirit threatening to fulfill a prophecy that endangers the entire human world.

I recommend my book to readers who like:
Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow

Now, for the Threes. Share with us your top 3’s to help us know you a little better.

  • Top 3 books you recommend reading and why you recommend them.
The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett – This is my favorite book ever. It has the perfect combination for me – Yorkshire moors, a gothic mansion, and secrets waiting to be uncovered.
Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison – These books made me laugh. A lot.
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater – I love the characterization in all of her books, but these characters stand out to me as my favorites.

  • Top 3 tools of the trade you couldn’t live without.
iPad – It's easy to take just about anywhere. That, coupled with a small keyboard, is perfect for when I write at my local bookstore. – for when the word I need is just out of reach
Pajama pants – I like being comfy.

  • Top 3 snacks to munch on while working.
 Jelly beans – preferably Jelly Belly, but I like Starburst ones too
Chocolate – the good stuff from candy shops, not the kind that tastes like wax
Sandwiches – because I often write on my lunch break

Where can our tech savvy readers find more about you and your books?

Twitter: @KrysteyBelle

Thank you, Krystalyn, for joining us on Three Times A Charm. Best of luck to you and Spirit World.


GUESTS WELCOME!  I am always looking for guests for Three Times A Charm. If you are an author, illustrator or book reviewer, an agent or an editor. If you have something related to children’s publishing that you’d like people to know about, feel free to contact me about a future appearance.


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