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Three Times A Charm with Christopher Mannino

Welcome to Three Times A Charm. I love introducing my readers to new authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the children’s publishing industry.
Today’s guest is author, Christopher Mannino. Thanks for joining us, Chris. Please tell us a little about you.
I am fortunate enough to have achieved my dream profession.  I teach high school theatre at a school with a large and wonderful theatre program.  During the summers, and my breaks, I write.  Theatre and writing have been my two greatest passions for most of my life.  I was a small child in rural Massachusetts, and there developed an overactive imagination, perhaps due to a lack of “real” friends.  I found different friends in books and fiction.  I later studied history, mythology, and theatre in college.  When I finished my graduate degree, I spent a semester abroad at Oxford University in England.  Every week for four months I traveled somewhere I’d never been, climbing castles in Wales, or visiting cathedr…

Meet Cover Artist C.K. Volnek

I'm SO excited to share the cover of my young adult contemporary romance, WORTH THE EFFORT: ELLA'S STORY. Tomorrow is the big day!

To prepare you for the reveal, I want to share an interview I conducted with  C.K. Volnek, the amazing artist being my new cover (as well as my Beware of the White cover).

C.K. Volnek grew up in Nebraska, enjoying life in small town USA; riding horses in summer and sledding the ginormous hills in winter. She is married to her best friend and together they have three children and four Papillon fur-kids. She likes to write, hike, watch movies, and dream about the 'what ifs' in life, thus spawning the many stories her muse wants to share. 

Welcome, to Strands of Thought, C.K. How long have you been designing book covers?
I have always loved art and have a degree in Commercial art. I actually began designing book covers several years ago, though it has only been within the last five years that I grew serious about it and began designing for my publ…

Book Spotlight on White Hellebore by Nicole Zoltack

I'm stretching a tad outside my normal viewing audience today to bring you a new adult title. "WHY?!" you ask? One word: Superheroes. Sometimes it's two words: Super heroes. Either way, how can I not highlight this brand new book, White Hellebore, (book 2 in the series) for the adorable author Nicole Zoltack when we all know my obsession with SUPERS! 
Ladies and gentlemen, White Hellebore:
Closing his eyes, he listened intently, but no other sounds echoed throughout the empty corridors. The only heartbeat he heard, steady and rather slow, was his own. No one else was here. Maybe he was hearing things.
Only the spotlight above the Egyptian statue was on, and Nicholas flooded the museum entrance with light with a flick of a switch. On Monday, Cathy planned to move the Statue of the Black-Hearted Kiya to the Egyptian exhibit, but for its big reveal, she placed it where everyone could see it as soon as they entered the museum.
The spotlight flickered and went out.

Three Times A Charm with Heather Brainerd

Welcome to Three Times A Charm. I love introducing my readers to new authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the children’s publishing industry.
Today’s guest is author, Heather Brainerd. Thanks for joining us, Heather. Can you tell us a little about you, please?
I live in New York with my husband, our three sons, and a crazy pug-terrier. When I’m not writing, I like to read, go for walks with my dog, and work out while watching the show Bones. I also run a Disney blog, and spend a lot of time daydreaming about my next trip to Disney World…or maybe we should go to Disneyland…or maybe a Disney cruise. Okay, so I’m kind of Disney-obsessed.
You’re certainly not the only one. Hence the huge conglomeration. Heather can you tell us about your work?
My Young Adult paranormal romance, Dream Shade, is about a girl named Sarah who starts seeing ghosts. With help from her friends, she tries to find out what the spirits want from her to (hopefully) help them rest in peace…

Worth the Effort Cover Reveal and Blog Tour

Do any of you lovely bloggers have a spot for me on your blog? I'll be having the cover reveal for my young adult contemporary romance on April 30th and doing a blog tour between May 6th (release date) and May 16th.

If you can help, please enter your name and email address in the spot you are interested in hosting. If you'd like to suggest something not on the list, or if a different date would work for you, just drop me an email. I'm happy (and super thankful) to work something out.

Want to know what the book is about? Hop over to this post and read the blurbs, then help me decide which one to use by voting on one! 


Indie Extravaganza: New & Up Coming Releases from Indie Authors

Indie Extravaganza: New Book Releases You Should Check Out - PLUS Gift Card Giveaway!Looking for some great NEW indie reads? All of these books are New Releases in the last few months. Skip to the genre you love, sample a new indie author... and enter the giveaway at the bottom! (Also check out the FREE books associated with these New Releases at the bottom.) And THANK YOU for supporting indie authors! (click on covers to learn more) p.s. is it me, or are these indie covers amazing? Young Adult Science Fiction
Science Fiction/Dystopian Young Adult Fantasy Fantasy Young Adult Contemporary Romance Contemporary/Historical Romance Young Adult Suspense Middle Grade Steampunk/Alternate History Thriller/Suspense FREE Books Connected with New Releases Above