Why You Should Commit to the Writers Rebel Creed

In general, writing is a singular activity. You sit alone in front of a laptop with your only companions being those inside your mind. Facebook calls your name, flashy blog posts draw your attention, next thing you know, the day is waning and you’re imaginary friends are heading out to dinner without you. How can you keep yourself focused?

Commit to the 2014 Writers Rebel Creed

By following the suggested idea to post a monthly blog update you keep your eye on your target of getting new words into a Word document – maybe even one with a shiny new book title. (Unlike mine that is usually the characters’ names until the fourth or fifth revision!)

Stopping to review what you’ve accomplished in a month is a fantastic way to remind yourself that you ROCK at this writing thing. Taking another moment to look forward one month helps you to formulate a plan on how to stay on track. Goals can only be achieved by taking steps toward them, but if you aren’t watching where you’re going, you might veer off track.

Networking with other committed Creed-ers can provide instructional information and inspiration! You might learn how to market to librarians. Find out how others overcame writer’s block, or hit their daily word counts.

Plus you will give and get writing support. Who can’t use a pat on the back for a job well done? A virtual hug after a rejection? An epic cheerleader pyramid after a book sale? Okay, I guess that might not happen.

If you want to have a more successful 2014, then COMMIT! Commit to the Writers Creed. Just click on the picture above, and add your name to the roster. Then we’ll see you and your accomplishments around the Internet!


  1. Hi, Kai. Great post. I've signed up for this. I'll be posting my monthly blog updates on the last day of each month. Happy 2014!

    1. Great! I look forward to sharing in your writing journey this year. Yay, Creed-ers!

  2. Love this list! These are all things I've been striving to do over the last few years, but it always helps to have a visual reminder of them to keep on track.

    1. I agree, Katie! I hope you hop over and add your name to the list. Really, that is all that's required, but it honestly helps to have that visual of what you want to do!


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