Three Times A Charm with James Crofoot

Welcome to Three Times A Charm. I love meeting new authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the children’s publishing industry and sharing their careers with my readers.

Today’s guest is my fellow MuseItUp author, James Crofoot. Welcome to Strands of Thought, James! Can you tell us a little about you, please?

Hello, my name is James J Crofoot and I love writing. Always have, and having people enjoy my stories is my bonus. For relaxation and to keep balanced, I practice Tia Chi, Chi Kung, other energy strengthening exercises. In addition, of course, those early morning walks where the muses inspire me.

Congratulations on the release of your book! Tell us more about it.

My first book, "The Journeys of a Different Necromancer", is really a collection of short stories, which follow a young mage on his travels. The main character, Thomas, starts out wanting to learn to read and write. In the process, he gets more than he bargained for. He desperately wants to get away from his very small village. He wants to see the capital of the kingdom and then the world from there. In his travelling, although he uses his knowledge for good, he begins to wonder if what he does should be done.

Okay James, now for the Threes. Share with us your top 3 answers to the following questions to help us know you a little better.

·        The top three books you recommend for readers.

1. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien – This book opened my mind to high fantasy. I told me of a world beyond the mundane.

2. "A Mid-summer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare – This one because it tells a tale of the Lords of the wood, it tells of love and how even those lords of the wood laugh and love.

3. Fairy Tales! – Not the sanitized stories of today, but the older the better. Hans Christian Anderson, and The Brothers Grimm. Learn how stories were once passed from generation to generation.

·        Three pieces of advice for kids these days?

1. Stay in school. Learn all they have to teach.

2. See the world. Climb a mountain. Sail on a sea. Go not as someone on vacation, but as someone who may not return.

3. And most importantly – Live and love with all of your heart.

·        Three favorite phrases –

1. Rage against the dying of the light…
2. Seize the day
3. "To be or not to be…"

Readers, now it is your turn! James want to know your responses to these three questions:

  1. What do you dream of when you look to the horizon?
  2. Have you found a favorite quote?
  3. Why did you choose that quote? 
Where can our readers find you and your book online?

You can also find my book on Amazon and Barnes&Noble

Thank you for charming us on this week’s Three Times A Charm! Best of luck to you and your writing, James.

GUESTS WELCOME!  I am always looking for guests for Three Times A Charm. If you are an author, illustrator or book reviewer, an agent or an editor. If you have something related to children’s publishing that you’d like people to know about, feel free to contact me about a future appearance


  1. Wow, that is quite a cover. Best of luck to you James!

    1. Very serious cover, isn't it, Susanne? I love it.


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