Smile and Seaweed - Change the World

I was sitting on the beach last week watching the waves roll in and enjoying the glorious Southern California weather. An adorable little girl in a cheetah print bikini with a fuchsia flounce walked past – backward. She almost walked into my chair until her mother gently reminded her to watch where she was going. When she saw me, I smiled at her – one of those crinkly-eyed smiles. She was so endearing with her springy hair and chubby toddler legs.

She paused ever so slightly when I smiled at her and though she remembered she needed to watch where she was going (by glancing over her shoulder – behind her) she also kept a curious eye on me as she continued backward down the beach.

Since I was visiting from the Pacific Northwest, my very white skin was quickly becoming pink. I spread a towel on the sand in front of my beach chair and flopped onto my belly – an equal opportunity pinker. I was completely engrossed in my Kindle book when something fell onto the sand in front of me.

A single strand of seaweed. I glanced up and the saw the charming bounce of the fuchsia flounce as the toddler trotted off. My gaze shifted to her mother who shrugged and said, “A gift for you, I guess.” My delightful new friend offered a coy smile as she skipped ahead of her mom.

See what a smile can do? Smile at someone today. Someone you don’t know. Better yet, smile at many someones today. It will change the world.


  1. What a sweet story, Kai! I try to live by this philosophy of sharing smiles.

    1. I do too. Unfortunately it isn't as common down in So Cal. My niece and I were talking about how strange it is down there for someone to smile or strike up a random conversation in a check out line or something. It made me remember how hard it was for my husband and I to get used to when we moved up to Oregon. "She smiled at me. What does she want?"

  2. Cute story. I try to share smiles whenever I'm out and about doing my errands. You never know when a smile will help brighten someone's day.

    1. Exactly! You may never know how that smile might impact someone, but they'll know. Thanks for stopping by Susanne.


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