Building Character with Fairy May

It’s Friday! Time for my blog feature, Building Character in which you get to meet a character from a book. Talking to a character outside of their book is fun! Huge. Amounts. Of fun. 

This week we are Building Character with Fairy May. It’s so great to have you with us, Fairy. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! I'm Fairy May and I live in a place called Fairyland. There are lots of different types of fairies and many of us have very important jobs. When I grow up I want to be a tooth fairy. It's one of the hardest jobs to do though. The other fairies sometimes get mad because I make a mess and get things wrong but one day I'm going to be the best tooth fairy ever... I just need to study really hard and then I'm sure I'll pass the test.

Study and practice are the best ways to become good at something you are interested in. Way to go, Fairy May. So, tell us, what is standing in your way?

I'm not exactly a natural talent when it comes to school and I often get things wrong. I really want to be a tooth fairy though and so I'm sure I can overcome my problems. Just because something is difficult doesn't mean it can't be done.

Tell us about you. What is your strongest personality trait?

I don't give up.

That’s a good one! And what are your three favorite foods?

I love fruit and vegetables. Especially the ones that are good for cleaning your teeth. Apples, celery and strawberries are my favorites. The natural fibers in apples help wash away food particles and the tiny fibers of the celery act a bit like dental floss. Strawberries are my favorites though as they help polish the teeth and keep them white and shiny.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A tooth fairy. Not just any tooth fairy either. I want to be the BEST tooth fairy ever!

What words of wisdom would you like to share with our readers?

To follow your dreams. Sometimes it's not easy but with a bit of hard work we can achieve a lot. It's definitely worth the effort.

Thank you Fairy May for visiting with us. Good luck becoming the BEST tooth fairy ever. Readers, you can find out more about Fairy May’s pursuit of tooth fairydom-ness by reading her book:

Fairy May dreams of one day becoming a tooth fairy but she struggles at school and always seems to get things wrong. With hard work and determination she prepares for her test. Will she realise her dream and become a tooth fairy?

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You can also ask your local bookstore or library to stock it using the ISBN-13: 978-1481951425 or ASIN: B00BA8ZERA

About Fairy May’s author:

Jo Linsdell is an award winning blogger and freelance writer living in Rome , Italy . She is also the author of several books including the popular Italian for Tourists, A Guide to Weddings in Italy  and the best selling children's picture book Out and About at the Zoo. Her latest book Fairy May was released on 1st February 2013. You can find out more about her at

Visit Jo and learn more about her other work:

Author website:
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  1. Thanks from myself and Fairy May for hosting us on your site today.

    1. My pleasure, Jo. I love Fairy May's determination! She'll fly far in life.

  2. Very cute interview and a fun way to learn more about the author and Fairy May.

    1. I'm inspired by Fairy May's determination. I'm so glad she stopped by to talk to us.

    2. Thanks for dropping by Virginia. Fairy may and myself had fun doing this interview :)

  3. So nice to meet you, Fairy May. I bet you'll make a great tooth fairy.

    Congratulations, Jo, on what looks like a lovely book. Best of luck to you.

    Great post, Kai.


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