Why All The Quiet?

Hey Folks,

I know I've been really quiet on the blog lately and it isn't because I've completely abandoned the blogosphere. Quite the contrary. I've been super, super busy on OTHER people's blogs. With two new books out, I have a heck of a lot of promoting to do and I've been very blessed to find some wonderful people to host me on their sites. Guest posts, interviews, features - you name it, I've been doing it.

I hope you've been keeping up with my wanderings through my Facebook author page. Also, I've been keeping a list of most recent interviews in the right margin of my blog. Over there --> and down a bit...titled "Interviews". Find it? But because I've had so many generous hosts, recent interviews can drop off the list pretty quickly, so really, you should subscribe to my newsletter. The newsletter is a weekly recap of the things that happened in my writing life. If you've kept up, you can skim and then delete the newsletter, but if you are like me and take time to sit down and catch up, the newsletter will condense the highlights into one spot where it is easy to find.  Go ahead and subscribe real quick. I'll wait.

Okay, great! Now you know you can ignore me all week and catch up on the big stuff all at once, or -you know- do it however works for you.

Three Times a Charm will be back September 12. I'm always looking for guests for that feature. If you are involved in children's publishing in ANY way, writer, illustrator, blogger, book reviewer, agent, editor and want your stuff featured, just send me an email kaistrand at yahoo dot com.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. I hope you travel to many of the other blogs I've been visiting and say hi over there. My hosts would be stoked and so would I.

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  1. Great blog touring, Kai! I'm very happy for you with all the great news!!! And no worries about disappearing for awhile (although hopping around to blogs isn't exactly disappearing, ha!)

    Fun posts out there! And Happy Weekend!

    1. I truly do love visiting other blogs, but it is a very busy thing to do :D

      Thanks, Kimberley.


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