Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

Happy World Read Aloud Day!

I’ve decided to celebrate by sharing a video taken at my very first book signing of me reading from The Weaver. I believe this is from a year ago, March 2011. I find it fun to hear an author read her own work. It almost always changes the tone of the book from how I read in my head.

What you will be reading aloud today? And whom will you read aloud to?


  1. Neat. It's funny to hear ourselves, isn't it? Mmm, it's sort of late, but I can read to my cats. From the book I'm reading to review. My mind draws a blank on the title but it's about angels. My brain has shut down for the day. :(

  2. It's especially funny for me because I sound just like my sisters, so I'm always looking around for one of them. Hope your kitties enjoy the angel book ;-)

  3. Love reading aloud to just about anybody! Today I'll read aloud all that dialogue I wrote last week to see how it sounds.

    Great book signing, Kai. Congratulations.


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