Share Your First Love

Welcome to February.

This month on Strands of Thought my guests and I are going to Share the Love. Each week has a different theme to support the month long subject of Share the Love. You will see some familiar faces and you will meet some new ones, but they all have a story to share. Please check in each day to meet the newest guest and be sure to leave a comment if the story touches you, tickles your funny bone or stokes a memory of your own. After all, the theme for the month is to SHARE!

This first week in February we are sharing first love stories. My first love was short, ill tempered with curly black hair. He didn’t love me in return. He barely even tolerated me. But who could blame him when I was always crawling after him to pull the puffball at the end of his tail? Kelly was our family poodle when I was a baby. My unrequited love.

And then in fifth grade a friend of mine started “dating” a guy. I’m pretty sure my face muscles were all pinched up when I said, “Ew, dating!” And then I promptly fell head and heels in crush with him. Of course at the time I was convinced it was love and that no one loved him more than me (even though many other girls did indeed feel the same way). Over the next couple of years, I did all sorts of embarrassing things for that one-sided love and even though he and I are now Facebook friends, I don’t EVER want to know what he thought of those things.

Then George Michael hit the airwaves and I was in love again, but for real this time. Well we now know I didn’t stand a chance there. However, at the time I would have killed baby rabbits for the chance to be the in the Faith video. That might be an exaggeration.

Each and every one of those loves of my life had a fundamental commonality. They made me dream that my life could be more than what I’d made it, once they were involved. Your first mission is to discover or rediscover that love in your life. The kind that makes the sun shine outward from your heart, makes your tummy feel like you’re speeding over the top of the rise of a roller coaster, and makes you dream and believe in a better you. Your second mission is to be that person for someone else.

Tomorrow we will hear from Kevin Doyle. Thanks for reading.


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