George Lucas' Movie, Red Tails & Chasing the Spirit of Service

As George Lucas fans enjoy the long awaited premiere of "Red Tails", movie goers have the opportunity to share the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen with their kids and grandkids through children's picture book, "Chasing the Spirit of Service." Written by author Kristen Zajac and illustrated by Julie Tucker, this book was the recipient of the 2011 Global eBook Award in Multicultural Fiction and was featured in the 2012 Tampa Bay Black History Festival at the Glazer Children's Museum. Released by Guardian Angel Publishing, the book is an educational resource for parents, teachers, and history enthusiasts who wish to share the inspirational story of America's first African American pilots in World War II with young readers.
Synopsis of the movie Red Tails: 1944. As the war in Europe continues to take its toll on Allied forces, the Pentagon brass has no recourse but to consider unorthodox options -- including the untried and untested African-American pilots of the experimental Tuskegee training program. Just as the young Tuskegee men are on the brink of being shut down and shipped back home, they are given the ultimate chance to show their courage. Against all the odds, with something to prove and everything to lose, these intrepid young airmen take to the skies to fight for their country -- and the fate of the free world. This movie is rated PG-13
As the George Lucas film "Red Tails" hits movie theaters nationwide, parents can share the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen with young readers through children's picture book, “Chasing the Spirit of Service”. The book features young Emma who comes from three generations of Air Force pilots and misses her father when he must travel. Her best friend Adam tries to cheer her up. Emma's great grandfather, a Tuskegee Airman, shares his life story with Emma and Adam and helps them to appreciate the spirit of service. Emma and Adam's journey to understand, honor, and capture the spirit of service for themselves will touch the hearts of both young and old. Anyone who has ever served in the military or has known someone who served will appreciate the book's universal themes of duty to country, separation from family, and the importance of saying “thank you.”
“Chasing the Spirit of Service” was released nationally on November 30, 2010 by Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc., based out of Saint Louis, Missouri. Since then, the author and illustrator have been doing book tours in schools to teach about the Tuskegee Airmen. The book, "Chasing the Spirit of Service", can be purchased online at,, and
What a great opportunity to share the legacy with your young ones.
About the Author:
 Kristen Zajac is the author of "Ebeneezer's Cousin" and "Chasing the Spirit of Service", Winner of the 2011 Global eBook Award in Multicultural Fiction. She has three additional books due for release in 2012. Kristen was inspired to write her books in tribute to the courageous military families she met and worked with at United States Central Command. Before becoming an author, Kristen was an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton in Tampa, Florida where she worked on-site at MacDill Air Force Base, writing threat assessments for deployed service members. Prior to joining Booz Allen, Kristen worked at FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. as an analyst in the Counterterrorism Division. Kristen earned a M.A. in Political Science from the University of Florida and a B.A. in Political Science from Stetson University. She thanks all her readers for their support and encourages them to believe in their dreams and chase their own 'spirit of service' wherever it may lead them.
About the Illustrator:
Julie Tucker is a graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design and has exhibited her work in a variety of venues throughout the U.S. Her art and mural commissions can be seen in corporate and private collections. Julie's work has appeared in a television documentary and in a series of PBS specials on the art and artists of Tennessee. Daughter of a talented artist, Julie Tucker was literally born into a household belonging to the arts. "Having a mother for an artist really made my whole world colorful and joyous growing up. Art has always been a part of my life." Julie has taught in the public school system as well as Southern USA art museums including; DeLand Museum of Art and Harris House of the Atlantic Center for the Visual Arts in Florida and The Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Sarratt Student Center at Vanderbilt University, The Renaissance Center, and Harpeth Art Center in Tennessee. Julie hopes to encourage children to follow their dreams wherever they may lead and help instill in them the confidence to be whatever they want to be.


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