Three Times A Charm with Kim Cormack

Three Times a Charm is a weekly feature that spotlights authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the publishing industry.
This week we are joined by the talented author, Kim Cormack. Kim tell us about yourself.
After more than 15 years as an Early Childhood educator I published my first children’s book ‘Shark Boots’ in May of 2010. My second book, "Being Four" is out now.

I live on Vancouver Island with my two awesome children (Jenna and Cameron)
I have to date written eight hilarious books for children.
Titles include: Being Four, Shark Boots, and Stuff about My Mom. Heaven Smiled on Me, Tigergators do, The Boogie Man Can, The Snowman Ate My Taco, and Freckles on His Nose and Wiggles In his Toes.

I have written many poems, short stories, and songs for children that are meant to delight the hearts and funny bones of both parents and children.
I also write books for mommies and daddies to Teen/Adult,”Sweet Sleep,” and Teen/Adult “The Hot Chick Diaries.”
You sound very busy. Tell us about your children’s books.
About the Book

Remember when every day was an adventure and the world was your playground?
Embrace the joys of childhood in the exciting new children’s book Being Four.

I wrote this book about my son, Cameron, detailing his hilarious and mischievous adventures just as he was turning 4 years old. The beach scenes were photographed at Rathtrever Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I totally believe that its one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

“Maybe I was just longing for the blissful simplicity of life as a child when I wrote this book. How your emotions were sitting on your sleeve. You were happy because something wonderful had happened. You were sad when somebody hurt you and there was never a reason to hide your true feelings.”

I typed this whole book into my cell phone at 2:30 in the morning, January 28th 2009 after having a dream about being very small, and holding a baby chick. I remembered so clearly that feeling of being so happy that I felt like my heart might burst because it was so full of love. This book takes a walk through the simple moments of joy that we sometimes forget to embrace and feel the beauty that parents and children can remember and relate to together.


Shark Boots is actually a somewhat true story. My five year old spent about six months living in these Shark Boots, and blaming everything naughty he did on his boots.
 My son Cameron has been the biggest inspiration to my writing. Sometimes you just have to laugh about the things they do and say. You need to take a moment and remember how much you will miss all these quirky shenanigans when they are all grown up. Writing about it helps because you can step back for a second and realize how truly funny the events of the day actually were. Your innocent flower has an incredible imagination. Love him even more for it, because you never know, it could be one of his greatest gifts.

As a special treat for your blog readers have a sneak preview of,”Freckles on his nose and wiggles in his toes” right here. Follow this link below into

Now, for the Threes. Share with us your top 3’s to help us know you a little better.
Okay question and answer time then, and friends please be forwarned my sense of humor is very strange. I find its really best to up front add the I’m a giant dork disclaimer to my interviews.
The top three skills to hone when starting out in this business - now that is an easy one.
Get a thick skin pretend you are in junior high and not only can you not let yourself be offended when someone doesn’t notice you . You have to try to not be offended when they are not interested at all.
You know your giggling a little but its the truth. Every artist believes that thier work is amazing remember that your biggest allies are the other artists, authors, and bloggers that you befriend.  My advice is to pay it forward help everyone you can. Knowing in your heart that one day if you keep plugging away it will be your turn.
My top three advice for kids number one Do not sweat the small stuff things that seem so big when you are a child or a teen really are just small bumps in the road.
You can make it through anything even the most horrific of worst case scenarios by breathing in and breathing out and putting one foot in front of the other until it gets easier to handle.
Time really does heal even the wounds that you thought were unhealable wounds.
(Oh, Kim, that’s a good one!)
“The future belongs to thoughs who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
 Eleanor Roosevelt
“Do one thing everyday that scares you.”
 Eleanor Roosevelt    
my two favorite quotes and words to live by.
My three favorite snacks  while working are, a cup of earl grey green tea which is usually made when I start working and then cold half an hour later when I realise I forgot to drink it and have lunch ;) I usually completely forget to eat when I’m writing.
When I’m stressed out its a glass of red wine, swedish berries  and natchoes in any order. Actually I could go for some natchoes right now... yummy.
I love Robert Munsch his work is awesome I love to be entertained as an adult and laughing as I’m reading stories to my children.
I loved Judy Blume growing up but there are too many to list just three favorites. Do not even get me started on all of the wonderful authoers out there. Its a great time to be a reader.
I love the info on Mashable  thats one of my favorite blogs ,and  Her Media  one of my best buddies runs this site.  I love this one no idea who runs it at all ... joking it’s me.
As for the three things I wanted to be when I grew up if I remember correctly there was, a ballerina, a veterinarian, a writer and a singer.
I ended up a mom who writes and can sing but most of the time in the shower or the car. Singing in the car and shower I mean, not writing because that would be tricky. I am also quite certain that stores frown upon you trying to bring a laptop back after saying,” it’s just that I love to write in the shower.”
Kim, where can our readers find more about you, your books and your writing?
Well for more strange and funny moments with me visit me on!/kimcormack  my Twitter account follow this link or in for purchasing info for,” Being Four.”

 purchasing info on my book,”Shark Boots.”
Stay tuned to Twitter, my author page on facebook and my blog for new releases and contest info.
May you always see the rainbows in the bubbles in your bathtub.
-Kim Cormack
Check out my blog for all of the up to date information on release dates for books.

Who will survive you must choose a side
Shark boots By Kim Cormack
Buy it here
Shark Boots
It wasn't me mommy it was my Shark Boots.
Authored by Kim Cormack
Illustrated by Kim Cormack, Dorian Beaulieu


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  2. Actually I think your son had a perfect idea. I'm off to get myself a pair of shark boots as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the great interview, you two.

  3. And isn't that the cutest book cover? I love it. Thanks for stopping in, Lee.

  4. Your books sound like so much fun, Kim. I enjoyed your interview.

    Thanks for another great interview, Kai.


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