Book Club, Word Search & Craft - Oh My!

I know enough technology to get myself in trouble. So I usually do what I need to get by and refrain from going further for fear of breaking something.

Alas, I knew I needed to figure out how to do some value-add on my website, but I had all sorts of excuses. Mostly, not enough time. Then I was laid off. Suddenly time was no longer an issue and the only excuse I had left was ignorance. Yeah, I hate that one. So I finally sat down and figured it out!

Now my website and most importantly, The Weaver, has some value-add. What kind you ask?

Book club value. Does your child participate in a book club? If they choose The Weaver as their read, you can download some suggested talking points to get the after-the-read conversation going. I even have a sheet for the book club administrator that offers some “answers” to keep the conversation going.

Hidden word search. This search is geared for the 9-year-old (and up) reader, so the words might be found forward, backward and diagonally. The reader can revisit the characters and theme of the book as they search for the words. Then they can find extra “accidental” words and add those to the list.

Craft. Is your child having a birthday party? Give The Weaver as the party favor and to get partygoers in the mood to read the book when they get home, do a craft together. The craft provides step-by-step instructions on how to make a web charm. You can even make it an opalescent web, like in the book, by adding glitter.

You will find the downloads and can read more about The Weaver here. Then be sure to send me a picture of your book club or birthday party with The Weaver and I’ll add the picture to my Weaver in the Wild photo album on my facebook page.

Happy reading.


  1. These are great "value-add" ideas. I'm really impressed that you pushed past your technological fears - that's always the stopping point for me.

  2. Thanks Helen. It was one of those times when I finally sat down and concentrated, I found it wasn't nearly as daunting as I thought it would be. Thank goodness.


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